How to find Wikipedia Pages that need Citations and Dead Link Replacements?

As you all know, one of the best link building method is Dead Link Replacements. Few weeks ago, i provided a tutorial on How to get Backlinks from WikiPedia. After publishing that tutorial, i got so many mails of different users asking me to write a post on how to find wikipedia Pages that need Dead Link Replacements. In this post, i will provide you the easiest method to find Wikipedia pages which need citations and Dead Link Replacements.

How to find Wikipedia Pages that need Citations and Dead Link Replacements?

  • Visit wikigrabber.com/ . It’s a great site for finding Wikipedia pages that need citations and Dead Link Replacements.

  • It has a search box. Just enter your blog topic and click on Search button. It will return the list of all pages which either need Citations or Dead Link Replacements.


  • Now you have the links of Wikipedia pages which either has Dead Link or they need citation. Just click on the links.
  • To find  Dead Links in Wikipedia pages, install “Check my Links” Addon in Chrome Browser. It is extremely helpful for finding Dead links.
  • Visit any Wikipedia Page that has dead links. Just click on “H” symbol located on upper right corner in chrome. It will calculate the dead links.


  • You can make use of 404 Dead Links. You can replace these dead links with your own links.


  • That’s it.  Isn’t that easy.

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I have already build backlinks from Wikipedia for different sites using Dead Link Replacement technique. I believe, it’s the easiest method to build backlinks. wikigrabber.com simplifies your task by returning Wikipedia pages of your need.

If you are looking to build backlinks from Wikipedia, use Wikigrabber.com.

NoteBacklinks offered by Wikipedia are of “Nofollow” nature and therefore they doesn’t pass any link juice to your website. However, they still have an impact on SEO because Wikipedia is one of the most popular website on internet

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