How to Fix: “Site Does Not Comply With AdSense Policies..”

Those days are gone when AdSense used to approve Blogs easily. In the modern age of the internet, too many blogs are created daily. Everyone these days knows Adsense is the best option for monetizing their blog.So, they apply for Adsense Account. However, in most of the cases, Adsense rejects their application and send below given message:

Issues:Site does not comply with Google policies

Further detail:Site does not comply with Google policies: We’re unable to approve your AdSense application at this time because we feel that your site does not comply with Google AdSense policies or webmaster quality guidelines. It’s our goal to provide our advertisers sites that offer rich and meaningful content, receive organic traffic, and allow us to serve well-targeted ads to users. We believe that currently your site does not fulfil this criteria.

The above message doesn’t tell you, what was the issue with your site or your content? So, it becomes difficult for you to fix these issues and get the approval of Adsense.

In this post, I will help you in finding different issues with your blog. After reading the complete post and applying the tips on your blog, you would be able to get the approval of Adsense.

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 How to Fix: “Site Does Not Comply With AdSense Policies..”?

 1. Your Blog’s Structure – The structure of your blog is the most important thing that you need to have a look on. When you submit your blog for the approval of Adsense, their bots crawl your blog and check whether it follows the adsense TOs or not. If your blog’s template or theme is broken or poorly structured, Adsense bots may face difficulty in crawling your blog. If this happens, your application will be rejected instantly. Due to this reason, so many bloggers are not able to get the approval of adsense even after posting unique and quality content on their blog. Since, the application is not monitored manually by humans, they never get the approval.

To fix this issue, you should use a lighter template or theme(where scripts like javascript, jquery and css has been used less) which has well structured navigation menus. If you want to use widgets, you should use the one that shows most recent posts, most popular posts etc. I recommend this because it will let Google bots grab maximum information about your blog.For better results, you can do the internal linking as well. If your blog has neat and clean design with well interlinked structure, I’m pretty sure that you won’t face issues.

2. Your Blog’s Traffic and Traffic Sources: I have read many articles where bloggers claims that they got the approval of adsense without any traffic to their blog. However, as per my experience, you can’t get the Adsense approval until and unless your blog has a traffic of 100 pageviews daily. Adsense promotes sponsored products through its publisher’s sites. If your blog is not able to generate even 100 pageviews daily, how can you expect that Adsense will approve your blog? So to ensure that your application at Adsense gets approval, drive some traffic before applying.

Traffic Sources are equally important. Google has also disclosed in its TOs for Adsense that your website must have good amount of organic visitors i.e from search engines. It means, if your blog is able to drive good amount of organic traffic(specially from Google), your chances of getting Adsense approval will increase. However, if your blog gets majority of traffic from referrals or social networks only, it would be difficult for you to get the approval of Adsense.

3.Content Type: The next and most important factor, that causes approval or disapproval is the type of content. Your blog content must be written in a language that Adsense Supports and it should be genuine and free from copyright infringements.

The contents which are prohibited are : Adult content,Content that advocates against an individual, group, or organization,Copyrighted material,Drug, alcohol, and tobacco-related content,Hacking and cracking content,Sites that offer compensation programs (“pay-to” sites),Sites that use Google Brand features,Violent content,Weapon-related content,Other illegal content. You can get more details Here

4. Niche of your Blog :Many people believe that niche has no relation with approval or disapproval of Adsense account. However, I have observed that the blog on niche which has too many advertiser’s demand gets the adsense approval easily. For example- Consider two blogs. On first blog, you write about yourself whereas your second blog is a technology or education blog. The approval at second blog will be much easier.

5.Policy Definition:When we talk about the protection of user’s privacy, Google is too strict. Thus it asks you to disclose that your blog will store cookies served by Google Adsense on the devices of users. For this reason, you need to add a Privacy Policy page to your blog as well. If you can’t write your own privacy policy, you can generate it online using Online Adsense Privacy Policy Generator.

Please note that many bloggers gets the Adsense approval even without adding a privacy policy page as well but still i will recommend you to add a Privacy Policy Page before applying for Adsense.

6.Outbound Links: Most of the new bloggers don’t even know that the links they place on their blogs can play a major role in acceptance or rejection of Adsense account. If you are placing links to a website which has prohibited contents, you may face difficulty in getting the approval of Adsense.

Before applying for an Adsense Account, make sure that all links that are on your website are authentic and doesn’t send you to illegal sites.

7. Abusing Google Products: This is a less known factor among bloggers. Last year, I was promoting a software which was providing the functionality of downloading YouTube Videos. I got an email from Adsense that, “Publishers aren’t allowed to place ads on sites that abuse Google products”. It simply means that you can’t promote any product which abuses Google Products like GMail, YouTube, Google Drive etc. Also consider that using Google registered trademars in domains is also not allowed.

Before applying for Adsense, make sure that you are not promoting any product which abuses any Google Products.

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By following above given tips, you can get the approval of Adsense account. In this post, I tried to write about all important points. However, If you think that I have missed any important point, let me know via comments.

If you want to discuss anything else about this topic, comment below.

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