How Google Ranks a website: 200 Factors Explained

Every Blogger or Webmaster want to see his/her website on Top specially in Google SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages). For achieving this, they hire SEO Experts and thus invests a huge amount of money. SEO experts always face some kind of difficulties while optimizing any website or blogs for Google because Google never provide any kind of information related to its indexing protocols. Few months ago, the latest Hummingbird Update affected the traffic of all kinds of websites and blogs. Whenever Google introduce their new Algorithms, SEO experts are left with their heads spinning. I always try to post all kinds of information related to SEO for helping new bloggers and webmasters. It is really tough to know, How Google Ranks a website. As far as i know, Targeted keywords, Backlinks and SMO plays an important role along with some other factors which are discussed below.

While reading an infographic on entrepreneur.com, i came to know about some more Factors which are important for getting better ranks. I am sharing the same here.

How Google Ranks a website: 200 Factors Explained
How Google Ranks a Website: 200 Factors explained

Let me know, if you know any other method.
Ravi Kumar

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