Google Web Designer: A new Google Tool for designing Websites and Ads

Google is already serving web masters through its various free Tools. Few days ago, it added a new tool called Google Web Designer Tool. However, Google Web Designer Tool is still in beta stage which is available for Free. It allows you to build interactive HTML contents(HTML Websites, Layout etc) and HTML Ads. Now a days, HTML5 and CSS3 has got so much popularity and are expected to replace the need of Flash. According to Google, Google Web Designer Tool is a “Professional-Quality Design Tool”. Google’s statement which came on the day of launch is shown below:

We’re working hard to solve this development challenge by offering agencies powerful yet easy-to-use tools for HTML5 production. In this vein, we announced DoubleClick Studio Layouts for HTML5 back in August, which lets you create HTML5 ads in minutes, and last week we announced Ready Creatives in AdWords, which creates HTML5 ads for you in seconds. Today, we’re excited to announce the public beta of Google Web Designer, a new professional-quality design tool that makes HTML5 creative accessible to everyone from the designer to the dabbler.


According to the description of Google, HTML is an “Universal Language for Building Beautiful, engaging content which can run across various devices like desktops, smartphones, tablets etc“. It is the best Free Tool for Professional Web designers which allows them to build interactive HTML 5 contents such as Websites, Ads, Campaigns and Much More. However, Google Web Designer Tool was originally created for the advertisers and it allows them to create HTML 5 Ads for Mobiles, Desktops and Tablets within few minutes.  If you don’t know much about coding, you can still create interactive Ads. However, for giving more flexibility, you must have some coding knowledge.

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Features of Google Web Designer Tool
Google Web Designer Tool comes with So many attractive features:
  • Screen Responsive Design :If you are a Web Designer, you must be knowing about “Screen Responsive” Layout. If you don’t, it is the ability of the Layout to adjust according to the Size of Devices. Now a days, almost 60% users access internet either via Smartphones or Tablets which shows the importance of using screen responsive Layout. It doesn’t matter how brilliant your work is, if people can’t see it. Google web designer tool allows you to create HTML 5 Contents and Ads which can be accessed on any screens including desktop, tablet or smartphones without any compatibility issues. See Screen Responsive free Blogger Templates.

Google Web Designer Tool for designing screen responsive Layout

  • Powerful Visual Editor : Why people Hire Professional Web Designers? The answer is, they don’t know coding like HTML5 and CSS. Google Web Designer Tool comes with Powerful Visual Editor which allows you to create HTML 5 contents and Ads without any previous knowledge of HTML 5 or CSS3. Just work on Visual Editor, Google Web Designer tool will adjust everything accordingly.

Visual Editor in Google Web Designer Tool

  • Amplify with Code : If you are a professional Web designer and don’t want to work on Visual Editor, you can easily work on Codes and modify them according to your need.
  • Two Animation Modes: This feature of Google Web Designer Tool allows you to build cool animations without worrying about the frames in between. You can build your animation scene by scene and the editor will adjust everything itself. In advanced Mode, you can animate individual elements using layers.

Google Web Designer Tool- Two animation modes

  • Add 3D Effects with Ease – Google Web Designer Tool provides you a complete 3D authoring Environment. It allows you to create and manipulate 3D contents using the power of CSS3. Rotate objects and even 2D designs along any axis, visualizing 3D transformations and translations as you author.

3d object using Google Web Designer Tool

  • Design and Code View – Like all popular editors(Dreamweaver, Visual studio etc), Google Web Designer also provides you Design and code view. It means, you can see your code as well as its appearance at the same place i.e while designing HTML 5 website or Ads.

Design and Code view in Google Web Designer Tool

  • Illustration Tools – Illustration tools allows you to design Vector Style shapes within few minutes. You can also import your designs from any other software. You cal also create new HTML tags by drawing with the Tag Tool.

Illustrator tool in Google Web Designer


  • Easy Ad Workflow – Google Web Designer allows you to publish Ads through any platform with ease. Choose from DoubleClick Studio or AdMob, or go for the Generic option to push content through any other ad network. No coding required.

Publish Ads via Google Web Designer Tool 11


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Download Google Web Designer Now!

As i mentioned earlier, Google Web Designer Tool is still in Beta but still an useful Tool for web designers. To download this software for your desktop, click on the below given download Button. It is not a direct link so it will redirect you to the official Google Page. On that page, click on “Download Web Designer Beta” button. It will ask you to accept the License Agreement. Accept it and download the software for free.
From the Editor’s Desk
I am a big fan of Google Products. Google Web Designer Tool is one of them so i am trying it as well. Till now, I am happy with its performance. This tool is available for free so you can try it without any issue. If you are a professional web designer or an student of web designing, just give it a try and post your feedback via comments. You can learn the way of using this software by Reading the tutorial. It would be interesting for me to hear your thoughts.
Ravi Kumar

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