How I got 9000+ Email subscribers in less than 15 days and You can too?

In my last Post, I tried to explain you, the importance of Email marketing services for the success of any blog or website. They are important because they bring Email subscriber to you. Bloggers and Webmasters accross the world are using different techniques for getting more EMail subscribers. Few months ago, I started using Aweber, Which is an awesome EMail marketing tool. After that, I was getting 8-10 new EMail subscribers daily but that was not enough for me. I was looking for a tool which can give me atleast 100+ EMail subscribers daily. I tried several Lead-Generation wordPress plugins but none of them impressed me. Fortunately, I came across an article about OptinMonster atWPbeginner.com where Syed Balkhi claimed that, They have increased their EMail Subscriber upto 600% in less than 1 month. Frankly speaking, It was that article which impressed me and I decided to giveOptinMonster a try.

When i started using it on this blog, It worked normally in first 7 days and I was able to get around 20 -30 new EMail subscribers daily. I was not happy at all because I was expecting much better result from it. At that time, Several thought came into my mind like- Syed’s article was just a Promotional post, OptinMonsteris just like other Plugins which doesn’t impress at all etc. However, I started getting 100+ New EMail subscribers in next 7 days which was awesome. I am trying it from last one month on this blog and do you know, How many new EMail subscribers do i get daily? It’s around 210-250. Isn’t that impressive? This is probably the reason why, Many popular blogs like ShoutMeLoud, WPbeginner,Johnchow etc are using this Plugin. If you don’t know about it, Read the complete article.

What is OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is a Lead-Generation WordPress plugin which allows you to create attention grabbing Optin form that convert. It supports the integration with all major EMail Marketing service Providers like Aweber, iContact, etc. It has been developed due to the effort of WPBeginner and List25.In other words, We can say that it converts visitors into Subscribers and customers. It comes with lots of feature using which, You can create a Professionally designed Optin Forms without writing even a single line of code just in 60 seconds.

List of features offered by OptinMonster

OptinMonster Plugin comes with lots of in-built feature. All of them are discussed below:

1. Integration with all Major Email Marketing Service Providers

OptinMonster supports Integration with almost all Major EMail Marketing Service Providers. It means, You can integrate your earlier EMail Campaign or new Campaign with OptinMonster’s Optin Form.

2. Smart Lightbox Popup

According to Me, It’s the smart Lightbox Popup optin which is responsible for increasing the number of EMail subscribers to a large extent. Before trying OptinMonster, I tried various Optin Form plugins but they were either affecting my Bounce Rate or my Page Load Time. However, OptinMonster doesn’t affect Bounce Rate and Page Load time which is one of  its impressive feature.

Using Professionally designed templates, You can easily convert your visitors into your EMail subscribers and customers.

3. Create Targeted Campaigns

As you can see in the above figure, OptinMonster allows you to show Optin Form in all Pages of your Blog or limit it to appear in any particular page or post. You can use this feature  for creating targeted campaigns for specific pages or blog posts.  If you want to allow your optin to appear in all Pages, Check the check box which shows “Load Optin Globally“. If you want to allow your optin form to appear in any particular post pages, check the check box which shows “Load Optin Exclusively On“. In the text box, Write the IDof your blog posts. Using other two options, You can configure its visibility in Category and other Pages.

4. Support for A/B Split Testing

A/B split testing feature of OptinMonster allows you to test different kind of Layouts, Headings, Styles, Images in your Optin Form so that you can use the one, Which works best for you. For doing this, Simply click on “Split Test” option. OptinMonster will automatically create a clone of your previously designed Optin. Just do your changes and check how well it works for you. The stats module will track all impressions and conversions for each kind of optins so that you can get the idea about the conversion rate of any specific design.

How to work with OptinMonster?

After the installation of Plugin on your WordPress blog, Follow the below given procedure:

  • Click on “Create New Optin” Button. The screenshot is shown below:

  • In the Next screen, Select the LightBox option. Once done, Click on “Next Step” button.  Below given screen shows the same:

  • In Next screen, Fill the forms which appears on screen. This form is like any other normal form so you won’t face any difficulty while filling it.

  • At the end of the above mentioned form, You will have to connect this Optin with your EMail marketing Service Provider. To do so, Choose your EMail Marketing service Provide and integrate it by following the steps which appears on your screen. Once done, Click on “Save and Design Optin” button. Below given image shows the same:

  • After clicking on “Save and Design Optin” button, You will be redirected to the Design Page. Choose the template which suits you best. Different template which appears on this page is shown below:

  • Choose a specific template and click on “Open Design Customizer” button as shown in above figure. It will redirect you to another screen where you would be able to customize the look and feel of your Optin Form. In this blog, I am using the below given optin.

  • Once customized, Click on “Save” button. At the end, Configure your settings to show it either on all pages or on some specific pages according to your wish.

  • That’s it. You are done.  You will start getting lots of EMail subscribers.
From the Editor’s Desk

This is not a sponsored post. I have decided to promote OptinMonster because it is really helpful for getting lots of EMail subscribers. If you are a blogger or Webmaster, You can’t neglect the importance of building an EMail list. As I mentioned earlier, I have already got more than 9000 EMail subscrriber just installing this Plugin. This number is still increasing.

OptinMonster doesn’t bring additional traffic to your blog. However, It is very helpful in converting your traffic into your EMail subscribers and customers. OptinMonster also has some other Optin Types in the form of Footer Bar and Slide-ins as well. These Optin types can be used by those users, Who don’t want to use lightbox Popups.  Overall, OptinMonster is a must have Plugin for WordPress users. If you haven’t tried it yet, Give it a try and inform me about your experience via comments.

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  • Glad to see that you've got that massive amount of subscribers in a few days.
    can you please tell me will this plugin work for me too ? because I'm having a technology based site so I don't think that my visitors really want to subscribe to my site!
    if possible please help :)

    • I think, It will work for you as well. It's the nice interface and opt-in, which makes a huge difference. A particular niche is not a concern. The thing which matters most is your contents. If it's interesting, your readers will like it and will subscribe.

  • Anyway of doing this on Blogger ???

    Also buddy one thing I want to know... How do You make Subheadings nice..Just like "Proof", From editor desk?? Could you please tell a way to make subheadings nicer ??

  • Really an Impressive post. 9000 is a good number and in that short time........ But the thing is that Optinmonster is just a simple plugin. Their are others like "Gravity Forms", "Optin Skin" and "Popup domination" then why only this plugin.

    You are saying that this has did every thing but the point is that you have started using the Popup Subscription for the first time.......


    • You may be right shan but this plugin has helped me. I started using OptinMonster instead of "Gravity Forms","Optin Skin" or "Popup Domination" because some greats of blogging advised me to do that..

  • I also know of people who are making using of this plugin and i can tell you that they are really getting email subscribers.

  • Very helpful tips and I am going to implement some of these ideas on my website ton see how it works.Anyway thanks again for sharing.