How Google Decides Where to Rank your Website in SERPs?[Infographic]

When you search for any keyword in Google, it returns some results for you. Everyone webmaster want to see his/her website on Top of the list but it’s not that easy(Until and unless you know Proper SEO techniques). Have you ever thought why some websites always rank higher than Yours?

Few months ago, I published an Infographic which explained 200+ Ranking Google Ranking Factors. Actually, Ranking of websites also depends upon Google Algorithm which is not easy to understand(not atleast for non-tech peoples). However there are certain SEO factors which can really boost up your Sites ranking specially in Google SERPs.

SEO Master Neil Patel has again created an Infographic which explains Important SEO factors and Google algorithm visually with the help of image. It will give you a better understanding of How Google Decides Where to Rank your Website?

How Google Decides Where to Rank your Website in SERPs?
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Many blogger has misconception that link building is one and only method for getting higher ranking in SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages). According to Neil Patel, we should try to understand the Google’s Algorithm as well.

Google always try to do something which can benefit its users. If you want to maximize your rankings in SERPs, the best way to do that is by making your site relevant and user friendly for your visitor.

According to me, This infographic is really helpful. What do you say?

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