How to Add an Advanced Editor in Web Pages?

After a long, I am going to publish a Tutorial on In this post, I will show you the method to use an Advanced Editor in Web Pages. Visual Studio comes with a normal Text Box which doesn’t contain advanced functionalities like- Font Selection, Font Size changing option, Alignment and much more. If you are a web developer, you can’t give a web page to your client which doesn’t contain advanced functionalities. For getting better reputation in market, You must provide an user friendly control to your clients.  I was consistently getting many request from the users so finally, I am providing a tutorial on this topic.

How a Normal Text Box Look Like?
Text BoxHave a look on the above given figure. It represents the normal text box which is quite simple and doesn’t contain any advanced functionalities. These kind of text boxes are useful for taking simple input from users like- Asking for name, Age etc, However, You can’t use them in scenario where Formatting of text is required.
How Does an Advanced Editor Look Like?
Advanced Editor in

Now, Have a look on Above given figure which represents the Advanced Editor. As you can see, It contains lots of options. Users can perform lots of formatting tasks with ease. It looks professional as well so every developer should use it.

How to Add an Advanced Editor in Web Pages?
For adding an Advanced Editor in Web Pages, you will have to use Ajax Control Toolkit. This toolkit comes with lots of features and functionalities. If you are unaware of this tool, simply follow the below given instructions:
  • Visit and click on Download Button to download this toolkit in Zip Format.
  • After downloading the file, Unzip it.
  • Open “Visual Studio ” software.
  • Create a New Website. The screenshot of the same is shown below:

Create new website in visual studio

  • After that, Open a new Web form i.e Default1.aspx and Move to the toolbox.
  • Below “General” tab, right click and choose “Add Tab” and give it a name like “Ajax Control Toolkit”. The screenshot of the same is shown below:

Adding New Tab in

  • After that, right click on the newly created Tab and click on “Choose items” option. You will see the below given screen:

Choose items in

  • Click on “Browse” button and move to the location where you have unzipped the downloaded file(Ajax Control Toolkit” in above step.
  • Choose “AjaxControlToolkit.dll” file. Now you have successfully added Ajax Control Toolkit in your Visual Studio. Now, You would be able to use advanced functionalities in your web page.
  • Written instructions of further steps can be confusing for you so I have made a Video Demo. Simply follow all the steps and enjoy.
Complete Video Demo for Adding an Advanced Editor in Web Pages


From the Editor’s Desk
As I said earlier, Every web developer should use Advanced Editor in a scenario, where user  want to write large amount of stuffs and need formatting of those data.
The tutorial is quite simple so you won’t face any problem so go through this video tutorial and try to implement the same in your web page. If you are still finding any kind of difficulty, ask the same via comments or Our Contact Us Page.
Keep visiting us for more stuffs. My future plan is to post some Blogger Template Designing Tutorial on this blog so stay tuned.
Ravi Kumar

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