How to Create your Own Website like Facebook for Free?

As you all know, Facebook is currently the top social networking site and is one of the most visited sites online. In India, People spend a lot of time on Facebook chatting with friends and posting updates. A recent survey shows that people in India spend more than 6 hours a day on Facebook.

You spend time on Facebook daily but have you ever thought about creating your own site like Facebook? Most of you will say, “No” explaining different reasons like-I don’t have much money to invest, I don’t know programming, bla bla bla…

What If i say, You can create your own Social Networking site Like Facebook for free and that too without having any programming language?

Yes, it’s possible. You can easily create your own social networking site like Facebook quite easily. In this tutorial, I will explain all steps which are required to create your own Facebook like site.

How to Create your Own Site like Facebook for Free?


  • To host your social networking site, You will need some Hosting Space. If you are serious about your Social Networking site, Buy Linux Hosting from top hosting companies like- Bluehost,  etc.
  • If you are not serious, you can use free hosting offered by http://www.000webhost.com/order.php.


  • If you have purchased a hosting account in Bluehost , log into the cPanel.
  • Move to “Website” section and click on “One-Click Install” as shown in the below given picture.


  • In One-Click Install Option, move to “Social Networking” section.
  • Click on  “Open Source Social Network” option. See below given image.

  • Now, You need to install this script. To do this, Click on “Install” button. See below given image:

Step-4 (Guide to Work with Software Set-up Options)

  • Choose Protocol – If your site has SSL, then choose HTTPS protocol otherwise choose http://www protocol.
  • Choose Domain : Choose your domain where you want to install the social networking script.
  • In Directory: If you want to install the social networking script in a directory say “local”, type “local” in the field. Please note that your site will be accessible at http://www.xyz.com/local. If you don’t want to install this script in any sub folder, leave this field blank.
  • Data Directory– Don’t do anything with this field.
  • Database Name: If you want to change the name of Database, type the name of your desired Database. By default, the script selects database name as “ossn…”. If you don’t want to change the name of database, don’t edit the name.
  • Site Name : Enter the name of your site. For example- Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Admin Account: Choose an Admin username, Password, First Name, Last Name, Birth Date, Gender and Admin Email.

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Step-5 (Installation)

  • If you have followed all the above four steps, Click on “Install” Button and wait until you see Installation completed message.
  • After the completion of Installation, you would be able to access your site and it will have almost all features of Modern Facebook. If you want to see demo, Click on below given demo button.

Demo of Facebook Like Site

You can customize its look and features through Admin Panel.

My Personal Views about Open Source Social Network

I have seen so many Free Social Networking Site Scripts which claims to provide all features of Facebook. Out of all, I recommend you to use Open Source Social Network because it’s interface and other features looks similar to Facebook.  Like Facebook, this platform also provide you best features like Realtime activity notifications, newsfeed, instant chat,Photo, Video sharing,Blogs, forums, wiki, Groups, events, friends, Comment, tag, rate any kind of content, Privacy and profile customization,Collaboration, file sharing, video-conference tools and much more.

If you want to Create your own site like Facebook, just follow this tutorial. As I informed you earlier, it doesn’t require any coding skills. The installation merely takes 2 minutes. It means, You can create your own Social Networking site like Facebook without having any programming knowledge and that too in 2 minutes for free. Just Give it a try and come back to comment.

If you know about any other platform which has similar features, let me know.

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  • Hello,

    Very nice info. I am bit confuse on below point.

    When we did step-1 with


    How we go to step-2? How we go to CPanel? where we find Softaculous? we are not buying hosting account, we are using free from above site. but we are getting options as stated in step-2.

    Mail me the solution or reply please.



  • Hi,

    After I create my own social media site using your steps, will the social media site also be available for people to access on their cellphones such as in the form of an app?

  • Hi,

    I'm planning for a long time to start a website like Facebook, and I was pretty interested in this idea. Thanks for this guide, you literally made my day! Thanks mate!

  • Hello,
    I have created a customised social networking platform for our college alumni. The site address is http://www.jgeccommunity.com. It is written in php with WII2 Framework.
    The purpose of this site is to create various facilities for our college alumni and their extended family members to connect for various personal and professional reasons and also to provide various support systems and help in enriching our post college life not only for our young alumni, but for all of us.
    Recently we tried to use the open source software to add more value in our site.
    After installation we realised that our existing site is completely replaced. My objective was to integrate the facilities offered by OSSN along with the existing facilities created by us.
    I then uninstalled OSSN but now I am unable to run my site. Please help.

  • Since I am from commerce background so If I make website like facebook then how I would look forward to its beta testing and mobile strategy and development