How to drive traffic to your blog through Reddit?

Do you know about Reddit?If your answer is something like -“No.I haven’t even heard about it” then this post is really helpful for you because you can use Reddit for driving Quality traffic to your blog.You can also get quality backlink and that too for free as well.It means that Reddit is really helpful for bloggers.Most of us use either Facebook,Twitter or Google Plus for promoting our blog or poduct.In this article,i will show you how to use this powerful tool for driving quality traffic to your blog.

How to drive traffic to your blog through Reddit?

What is Reddit?
Reddit is actually a social bookmarking website.It would be better to call it a bulletin board system which has a potential to drive a quality traffic to your blog.The users claims that they have got more than 1600 hits per day through Reddit which shows its power.Reddit allows you to submit your Post through Your blog post title and the url of that post.After you submit your post,members will vote up or down for you.The decision depends upon the quality of your blog post.The voting is quite crucial because it determines the rank and position of your post on Reddit’s front page.If your blog post appears at the front page then it will get maximum exposure and thus you will get large amount of traffic.The screenshot of the form to submit your article is shown below:
How to drive traffic to your blog through reddit?
How to drive traffic to your blog through reddit?
The tips are as follows:

#1-Sign Up at Reddit and start Promoting your Blog

How to drive traffic to your blog through reddit?

If you are totally new to Reddit,click on Sign Up link and create a new user account.After creating your user account,you would be able to submit your link.As written above,moderators and readers will read your post and will give their response through votes.At the same time,you can also vote for other members(if you think that their article is better).To get the exposure,you must use catchy titles otherwise people will never read your article.Each entry in Reddit is known as Subreddits.The homepage only displays the selected contents.Normally,people only visit the links present on front page so your article must get a place there.

#2-Bring your link on the front page

How to drive traffic to your blog through reddit?
I already cleared this fact that it is the front page where your links get maximum exposure and thus the traffic so you must create catchy headlines.Your title should create a curiosity.Normally,reddit autmatically suggest you a title but you can also add your own title.While doing so,make sure that you add one or more keywords.People will click on your headline/title and will add positive or negative vote or comment on your submission page.Only Positive feedback will move your content to the front page.If you want to get positive votes then you must share a quality article and that too in most suitable category.Placing your article in proper category is also important because most of the time people waste their content by placing it in wrong category.

#3-Make friend on Reddit

Friends on Reddit can also help you in driving traffic to your blog.The process of adding friend on Reddit is very easy.Just move to the User Profile and click on “+friends” link.If you liked the profile and want to connect then press the option and he/she will be aded to your friend list.Try to join people related to your niche.Ask them to visit your post,vote it and comment on it.Do the same for other as well in return.You score points on reddit for doing that which is named as “Karma”.
From the Editor’s Desk
Very Few people know about Reddit so it was my effort to provide some information about it through this post which is titled as “How to drive traffic to your blog through reddit?”.It is completely free so you can try it without any issue.Just give it a try and check whether it is helpful or not.
If you know about other such networks or websites then suggest me through your comments.
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