How to enable Google 2 step verification in WordPress Blog for making it more secure?

As we all know, WordPress is a major blogging platform. These day’s Google’s blogging platform i.e Blogger(Blogspot.com) has got some popularity as well but still serious bloggers recommend everyone to use self Hosted WordPress Blog. So many reasons are there for this. First of all, You host your WordPress blog in your own server which means you actually own your blog. It means, you can sell your blog without any issue. The second and last thing which makes WordPress Blogs superior are the “Plugin” which makes the task of bloggers quite easier. That’s probably the reason why, even a newbie blogger find it easy to work in WordPress.

Every coin has two faces. WordPress is also not an exception because everyday, more than thousand WordPress Blogs are hacked by hackers even when you take right security measures. Most of the times, Hackers completely destroy the hacked blog. That’s probably the reason why, i suggest every WordPress Users to take a backup of their blog everyday.

How Hackers Hack your WordPress Blog?
So many Hacking Techniques are used by Hackers but the most used hacking method is “Brute-Force” attack. In this method, Hackers tries a number of randomly generated passwords. He/She continues trying until the correct password is found. After finding the correct password, he/she can destruct your WordPress blog within few minutes.Normally, People use same passwords on various websites. It is extremely dangerous because, if someone managed to know about your password in one website, he/she would be able to log into your accounts in all websites. Most of the time, People show lazy behaviour. They don’t change their passwords even after getting a security warning.
If you are a WordPress user, always change your default Admin username from “admin” to something else. It will make the task of hackers little bit tough. Don’t forget to use Security Plugins as well.
How Does Google 2 step verfication Helps? 
To protect your blog from hackers, you must enhance the security level of your WordPress Blog. You can use the 2 step verification method of Google for this purpose as well. Most of the time, Hackers hack wordPress Accounts after getting information about the correct username and Passwords.
Use of Google’s 2-step verification Process ensures that your WordPress blog can’t be hacked even if, Hackers manage to get information about your correct username and Passwords. They won’t be able to access your Blog’s admin panel until they enter a time restrained randomly generated security code which is sent by Google Authenticator on your mobile. It is much more secure because no one other than you can get that code.
How to enable Google 2 step verification in WordPress Blog?
Simply follow the below given step by step instructions and enjoy:
  • First of Install and Activate Google Authenticator Plugin in your WordPress Blog.
  • Navigate to Users -> Profile and Personal options page. Check the check box to enable two-step verification on your blog. If your Typing Speed is too slow, check the “Relaxed Mode” check box otherwise leave it. The screenshot of the same is given below:

  • Now install Google Authenticator Application in your Android, iPhone or Blackberry Phone.I use Android Platform so downloaded the Application from Google Play Store. You can download the same App for your Blackberry and iOS Powered devices by visiting the official App Store for free.

  • Complete the “Setup” process on your respective device after the installation of Application.

  • After setting up your account, navigate to WordPress Admin Dashboard>>Users>>Your Profile. Click on “Show/Hide QR code” to see a new QR code.You will have to use a QR reader application on your computer to read this code. The screenshot of the same is shown below.

  • After reading this QR code via your mobile device, you will get a code in your mobile which will look like below given figure:

  • Now, visit the admin panel of your WordPress Blog. Usually admin address appears like http://www.yourblog.com/wp-admin. You will see a new field in your WordPress Login Panel. The screenshot of the same is given below:

  • In this field, you will have to use the Code, which appears in Google Authenticator Application installed in your mobile device. Please note that, this code refreshes itself every minute on your mobile device. That’s it. You have secured your WordPress Blog.

Note:Till Now, Google Authenticator Application is available only on iOS,Android and Blackberry devices which means, if you are not an user of these three platform, you can’t use 2-step verification method on Your WordPress Blog.


From the Editor’s Desk
Earlier, Google 2-step Verification Method was available for Google Products like GMail,Blogger etc only but Now you can use it on your WordPress Blog as well. It is really good news for WordPress Users. I tried my best to provide you the simplest tutorial about enabling the Google 2 step verification in WordPress Blog. As mentioned earlier, it improves the security of your WordPress Blog so you should use it.
If you are facing any problem while implementing it, feel free to post your problem via comments. It would be my pleasure to assist you.
Ravi Kumar

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