How to get Custom Google Plus URL for your profile and business pages?

From last 3-4 weeks, I was consistently getting notification from Google that, They have released “Custom Google Plus Url” for Profile and Business Pages. I neglected their notification most of the time. However, I checked this last night after getting few EMails from new bloggers, Who requested me to provide a tutorial because they were not able to get custom url Google Plus url for their profile and business pages. When i tried, it worked exceptionally well so sharing the whole process via this article. As you can see in the above Picture, I have customized the Google Plus url for my Profile and Page.

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What is the Meaning of Custom Google Plus Url?

Before i start this tutorial, It would be important for you to understand the meaning of Custom Google Plus Url. Actually, a normal Google Plus Url looks a bit complex as it contains a numerical value which are difficult to memorize. An example of same is shown below:

A Custom Google Plus Url means a simple url which can be remembered easily. As the word “Custom” suggests, You can customize your Google+ url to some extent. An example of Custom Google Plus url is shown below:

Who can use Custom Google Plus URL?
As I mentioned earlier, old Google Plus url was a bit lengthy and thus was difficult to remember. Due to this reason, Google decided to make it user friendly. However, This feature is not given to all kind of users till now. You can only get custom Google Plus url, If you have many followers, Friends or an attractive cover(with correct information).
Website or blog owners are a bit lucky as their chances of getting custom Google Plus Url is more than normal users. Before customizing your Google Plus url, read Policies of Google.
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How to Get custom Google Plus Url for your Profile?
  • Visit Google+ website and log into your Profile .
  • Click on “Profile” Option. See below given figure:

  • If you are eligible to get custom Google Plus url, You will see a blue button title “Get url” along with message “Your Profile is eligible for a custom URL”. Just click on “Get URL” button. Below given screenshot shows the same:

  • After clicking on “Get URL” button, You will see a new screen which will ask you to customize your url. Choose the name which suits you best. For example- I used “RaviKumarJMT”. See the below given screenshot.

  • Once done, Click on “Change URL” button. You will see a confirmation form. Just confirm it. The screenshot for the same is shown below:

  • That’s it. You are done. Now you have successfully customized the Google Plus URL of your profile. Let’s see, My Custom Google+ url :

  • The Process was very simple(I guess). If you still have any problem, Feel free to ask me via comments.

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How to get Custom Google Plus URL for your Business Pages?
Google Plus is a product of Google and it affects SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages) as well. It means, If your contents are shared so many times on Google+ by different users, Your website will get higher rank in SERPs. Getting a custom Google Plus url for your Business Pages will make your Page more user friendly. The method for of getting custom Google Plus url for Business Pages is same as well. However, You will have to connect your Business Pages with your website first. One of the easiest way to do this is to use Google+ Badges. However, You can also do this by following the below given steps:
  1. Visit your Google+ Business Page.
  2. Click on “About” Page .
  3. Follow the instructions available on this page.
  4. If you have already connected your website with your Google+ Business Page, Follow the below given steps:
  • Open your Google+ Business Page. Click on “Profile” option on the same page.

  • After clicking on “Profile” option, You will see a new Page where, You will see an option to Grab your custom URL. Simply click on “Get URL” button. The screenshot for the same is show below:

  • After clicking on “Get URL” button, You will be redirected to another screen, Which will ask you to customize your Google+ Page URL. Choose the name according to your choice. The screenshot for the same is shown below:

  • Once done, You will see confirmation screen. Click on “Confirm Choice” button. The screenshot for the same is shown below:

  • That’s it. I have customized the url of one of my Google+ Business Page. Lets see, How it looks with custom url.

  • Isn’t that simple?
How to Search for Google Plus Pages or Profiles in Google?
After Hummingbird Update, Google+ Pages has acquired lots of user’s attention due to its role in SEO. If you want to search for any Google Plus Pages or any Google Plus profile, put a “+” sign before the name while searching it in Google. For example “+Ravi” or “+geteverythingorg” etc.
When you put “+” sign before any search term, It tells google that you are looking for any Google+ Profile or Page.
From Editor’s Desk
If you are eligible for getting Custom Google Plus url for your Profile or Business Pages, Grab it because it will make your page more professional. A small and relevant url are always easy to remember. I have created this tutorial for newbies so I don’t think, Anyone will face any kind of difficulty.
If you still have any issue, Feel free to ask me via comments. If this article is helpful for you, Share it.
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