How to Get on the First Page of Google Search Results?

When you will ask a new blogger – “How to get the first page appearance on Google”,he/she can say that it is a complex and overwhelming task because Google use many complex algorithm whose working are still unknow to the world.However this is not the actual case.You can easily achieve this by taking Right SEO optmization steps.Everybody want to get 1st rank on Google but due to lack of knowledge they often get poor results.

Get on First Page of Google
I have seen some new bloggers who has done reasonably well in short span of time due to their knowledge about SEO optimization but few others are also there who are blogging from last 5 years but still struggling to get success so the thing which matters most is the quality of contents and the right SEO Optimization steps.In this post,i will show you “How to get the first Page appearance on Google?”

What is the meaning of First Page Appearance on Google?
Before i start dealing things,it is extremely important for you to know the meaning of getting first page appearance on Google.It is not about getting first pageRank or Alexa Rank.Just take a simple example-You tried to search something say “dog” on Google.The  result which appears on the first page is most important because almost 30% people doesn’t want to visit more than one pages of Search Result.I am also focussing on getting your website’s appearance on that first page.Have a look on below given screenshot for better understanding.
How to get the first page appearance on Google
How to get the first page appearance on Google?
Simply follow the below given Tips and get the first page appearance on Google for your blog/website:

#1- Use Popular words or Phrases of your niche that people normally likes to search

Blogging is not just writing.Getting loyal readers is quite essential as well.To make your content more search engine friendly,you must use popular words and phrases of your niche.Try to think as user.What would you like to search on Google related to your niche being a new blogger?You can easily know about the popular search queries of users through Google Adwords.It shows a complete report about,How many searches are performed and on which topic.How much competiton are there.

It is extremely important because a tough and complex words or phrases are never searched by People on Google so your contents will never appear on the first Page of Google.

#2- Right Keyword Placement is really important

It is the keyword,which tells google to place your contents on particular search result pages.If you are not using keywords wisely then you will definitely get poor result.SEO plugins on wordPress provides you an easy method to accomplish these task.However if you are using other platform for blogging then You must include your keyword in following places while writing an article on your blog:
  • TitleBlog Post title is the most important part.You must include your targeted keyword in your Blog Post Title
  • Blog Post Url– Placing kewords in Blog post Url or Permalink will strengthen your position in search result pages.For example-The blog post title for an article on my blog is “An Error Occurred In The Upload.Please Try Again Later-Fix this Error” and its Url is “http://geteverything.org/an-error-occurred-in-the-upload-please-try-again-later-fix-this-error/”
  • Meta DescriptionMeta Description is just like a description of your title.It appears below the title of your article in search result pages.You must use your keyword in Meta Description as well for getting better results.

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#3- Write unique content

Quality is always considered as the key for getting better results.If You are writing unique contents then there is maximum possibility that you will get popularity very soon.Just take a simple example-You have started writing about “How to start a blog?”.When you searched the whole sentence on google,a large number of result appeared on Google.In that case,it would be really difficult for you to get the first page appearance.

However you can easily achieve the same by writing quality and unique content.Before writing your article or deciding the title for your article,try to search for the same on Google.If it is already present then change it otherwise your content will not get the first page appearance.

#4-Get Quality backlink

Normally Google Uses PageRank to decide the importance of a website or blog.It provide PageRank on the basis of quality backlinks.If you don’t know the method to build quality backlink then follow the below given suggestions:

  • Guest Posting on High PR Sites- Guest Posting is considered as the most effective method of getting high quality backlinks.Try to write guest post on Blogs/Websites having PR 5 or Above.If you are a new blogger then you can also start Guest Posting on even PR2 blogs.I have already written- How to get Quality Backlink from High PR Websites for Free
  • Comment on Commentluv enabled Blogs– Commentluv plugin is another important plugin which is really helpful for new bloggers.Just try to find High PR commentluv enable blogs and comment on their posts.
  • Comment on Do-Follow Blogs- Always comment on blogs which has Dofollow attribute.
  • Be Active on Popular Forums-Forums are another way of getting popularity.Try to join a forum which is related to your niche.Always participate in discussions and post useful answers.


#5- Submit your website’s URL and sitemap to Google

Google uses sitemap for getting information about the structure of your site/blog so submitting sitemap and url is extremely important.You can easily do that through the Google Webmaster Tool.

#6-Optimize images on your blog/Website

So many People are still unaware about the optimization of images.However it is extremely imortant as well.It will really help when people will search queries related to your blog on Google Image Search.You can optimize image by adding your keywords in alt tag.I have already written a descriptive post which covers the whole procedure for optimizing images on your blog/website.

#7- Upload videos related to your niche

Sometimes Uploading videos can be really helpful for you.If you always write about tutorial then you must upload videos on popular video channels like YouTube,MSN,AOL,Dailymotion etc.It will give more exposure to your site and your site will get first page appearance on Google so many times even in video category as well.

#8- Share on Social networking sites

Sharing your content on social networking sites like Facebook,Google+,Linkedin,Pinterest etc is really helpful because it not only bring a lot of traffic but also strengthen your position in search result pages.Actually it shows the engagement of your readers.Google Authorship is also important due to the same fact.

#9- Patience is the key

Most of the new bloggers quit blogging because they want to earn money right from the first day.It is not a right approach because blogging really need hard work and lots of patience.Sometimes,your content can fail to appear on first page even after doing everything.Don’t panic in that case and just continue your good work.It happens sometimes due to tough competition.Suppose that you are a new blogger having 0 PageRank and low popularity.You have written a unique article.At the same time,a pro blogger has also written on same topic then your content will get low ranking.It is quite natural as well because they are working from so many years.

Just be patience and keep doing your hard work,you will definitely get better results either sooner or later.

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