How to Know whether your Reconsideration request is in Process or not?

Google had introduced its Algorithm updates namely-Penguin and Panda.Now it uses these updates frequently which effects tons of websites and blogs on internet.These updates are developed to penalize websites/blogs which are using spam action or Black hat seo techniques etc.Every coin has two faces so it also has some defects. Sometimes it damages a Good website/blog with quality content due to some mistakes.Google offers webmasters an option to deal with this. They can file a Reconsideration Request. So if you think that your blog/website has been penalized due to mistake, you can submit a reconsideration request. Google will process your request.


How to Know whether your Reconsideration request is in Process or not

How to Know whether your Reconsideration request is in Process or not

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How to Submit a Reconsideration request to Google?
The Process of submission of Reconsideration request is very easy. Just follow the below given steps to do the same:
How to Know whether your Reconsideration request in Process or Not?
Most of the webmasters complains that Google takes too much time for that.In some cases,it becomes difficult for them to even know whether Google is Processing their Reconsideration request or not. Below given tips can solve this kind of issue.
  • No Reply from Google –If you have already submitted your Reconsideration request and no one from Google has replied for long time means at least one month then there is something wrong. In this case,you should file a reconsideration request again.
  • Not getting any Confirmation EMail from Google – If you filed a reconsideration request and in return failed to get any kind of confirmation EMail then it means that your request did’t reached there may be due to server-side or any other kind of errors. So you must file a reconsideration request again.

Google Normally reply within 2 weeks against your report. Check the below given video which shows – How long does a Reconsideration request takes to Process.

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How Long does a Reconsideration request takes to Process


What kind of Responses should I get from Google After submitting a Reconsideration Request?
Normally Google give reply to your reconsideration request within 2 weeks. Generally they reply with three kinds of responses which are as follows:
  • Positive Response – If your blog or website has quality contents and they have penalized you by mistake then they will reply Positively with a response something like- “There is no problem with your website/ blog so the penalty has been lifted now. So sorry for the inconvenience” etc. The actual message can vary but the matter remains same all the time.
  • Negative Response – If google finds some problems with your website or blog then it may reply with negative statements like -Your reconsideration request has been disregarded because your blog/website has problem.
  • Request in Process – Apart from Positive and Negative response, you can also get another message something like- We have considered your request . In this case they will Process your request or your application are still processing.

If you haven’t got any kind of responses yet then it’s the time to file a reconsideration request again.

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