How to sell Ad spaces in Low Traffic Blogs?

According to me,Direct Ads are the best method of making money from your blog because it doesn’t ask your readers to click on Ads.You just sell spaces of your blog and in return get a decent amount of money.It is just like renting your house to someone else.You can also set your prices.If your blog is too much popular then there is no need to worry because the advertisers will directly contact you for buying spaces on your blog.However if your blog has low traffic i.e around 500 daily visits then you won’t get any request directly.I always prefer using BuySellAds for selling Adspaces on Good rate but it needs atleast 50 k monthly pageviews.So what are the alternatives.

How to sell Ad spaces in Low Traffic Blogs?

Have a look on ProBloggers.Most of them are not using Google Adsense too much because they earn more through direct ads.You can also make a good amount of money by selling Adspaces on your blog.It doesn’t matter whether your blog has large traffic or not.If you have a low traffic blog and still want to sell your Adspaces then you can use the below given websites.

How to sell Ad spaces in Low Traffic Blogs?
If you have a low traffic blog and still want to sell your Adspaces then you can use the below given websites.


According to me,Puxee.com is the best alternative of BuySellAds.com for low traffic blogs.It provides you the easiest way to sell Advertising spaces on your blog.It pays through Paypal and shares 75% of the total revenue.As an administrator of your blog,you always keep control over your Adspace.

#2-Advertise sPACE

Advertise Space

Advertisespace.com is another best alternative of BuysellAds for low traffic blogs.It allows you to set your own price for a variety of adspaces.All un-sold inventory can be syndicated to their impact network to instantly generate revenue for you until your individually priced Adzones are sold.They provide javascript codes for the Ads which ensures that the loading speed of your blog remains same.



AdSella makes your task lot more easier.Simply set your listing,price and paste a line of code to your blog and just wait for your adspace to sell.It’s completely free and quite easy as well.Advertisers will contact your directly.Adsella gives you 80% of your revenue which is quite nice for low traffic blogs.


How to get direct advertisers for a low traffic blogs?

BlogAds is serving publishers from year 2002.Blogads represents thousands of premiere blogs like PerezHilton, DailyKos, Wonkette and Cute Overload.It allows you to choose your own prices,Accept or reject Ads,Phone and email publisher support,Advertsers can purhcae Adspaces directly,70%+ of revenue goes to the publishers.


Publicity Clerks

PublicityClerks is another BuySellAds alternative.This site was launched in the year 2012 and is very popular now.Major advantage of using this site is,it accepts a blog which has only 5000 visits per month which means low traffic blogs.Just give it a try.



Adengage is also a better advertising network.It provides lot of features to both Advertisers and publisher.If you are a publisher then you can sell your Ad space for one month or even one week.It means,if you are not happy with the rate or ads then you can choose another advertisers after a week or month.
From the Editor’s Desk
In this article,i have explained you “How to sell Ad spaces in Low Traffic Blogs?”.If you have a low traffic blog and really want to make money from your blog then use direct Ads as well because you can’t earn much through Google Adsense.
If your blog is getting more than 50,000 pageviews per month then immediately apply for BuySellAds and start earning huge amount of money.Test the above mentioned websites and post your comments based upon your experience.If you think that i have missed a good website in the list then inform me.It would be my pleasure to know about it.
Ravi Kumar

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