How to Speedup your WordPress Blog by using Google Page Speed service?

These days, Success or Failure of any website/blog/forum also depends upon its Page Load Speed because visitors doesn’t love sites, which takes so much time to load. In blogging world, bloggers mostly use either Blogger or WordPress Platform. Since blogger is hosted at Google’s Server, its user doesn’t face any page Load speed issue until and unless they use lots of javascript or jquery in the form of gadets. However, this is not the case with Self Hosted WordPress users. Most of the new bloggers use Shared hosting services and face Page Load speed issue. In other words, we can say that, their wordPress blog takes so much time to load. As written above, users doesn’t like slow loading blogs so they never come back again.

How to Get Rid of Slow Page Load Speed in WordPress?
Most of the time, People use several Plugins like Improve Load Times,Widget Cache etc and it helps to some extent but not that much. If you are financially stronger, the best way to improve your Page Load Speed is by choosing a VPS(Virtual Private Server) Hosting service instead of Shared Hosting.
However, If you are a new blogger and don’t have enough money to buy or pay for VPS Hosting Service, What would you do? For such users, I have a good news. Google has introduced a new service which is known as  Google Page Speed service. It allows you to Speedup your WordPress Blog for free. To know how, Read the complete tutorial which is given below:
How to Speedup your WordPress Blog by using Google Page Speed service?
Simply follow the below given Instructions and enjoy:
  • Enter your Email Address and the url of your Website by Clicking HereThe screenshot of the form is given below:

  • After clicking on “Submit” button in the above shown form, wait for 2-4 hours. You will receive an EMail with a link to configure your account. After receiving this EMail, click on “Get Started” button. The sample of that EMail is given below:

  • You will be redirected to a new page. Put a tick mark on the checkbox which shows “I agree to these terms”  and click on “Accept” button.
  • Once done, You will enter into the dashboard.
  • Click on “Page Speed Service” link present on the left hand side. The screenshot of the same is shown below:

  • Enter the name of your domain(you want to optimize) in the textbox. Once done, click on “Add” button.
  • If you haven’t verified the ownership of your WordPress Blog in the Webmaster Tool, you will see the below given form:

Optimize Domain via Google Page Speed service
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

  • To get rid of this, Click on “Claim Ownership” button and complete the procedure by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once done, click on “Add” button to Add your WordPress Blog.
  • Click on “Setup Serving Domain” link. The screenshot of the same is given below:

  • After clicking on “Setup Serving Domain” link, You will see the below given screen:

  • You can open your “Advanced DNS Settings” via CPanel account. The screenshot of the same is shown below:

  • Now open your DNS Settings and edit a previous CName which has name “www” .Insert “pagespeed.googlehosted.com” in the Value Field. If you are confused then check the setting Instructions for Various Hosting Providers 
  • If you are still facing any kind of difficulty, view the below given Video Tutorials.
 Speedup your WordPress Blog by using Google Page Speed service- Video Tutorials
Just watch the below given Tutorial Videos for using various tools and features available in Google Page Speed Service.

How to Setup your website with PageSpeed Service?

How to setup Bare Domains with PageSpeed Service?

Overview of Bare Domains with PageSpeed Service

Disable Rewriters feature on PageSpeed Service

Flush Cache Feature on PageSpeed Service

From the Editor’s Desk
Till Now, this service is completely free and really helpful in speeding up a wordPress blog so use this service to Speedup your wordPress blog for free. As i informed you earlier, people purchase VPS hosting to speedup their wordPress blog which is too costly so I will recommend you to use Google Page Speed Service to speedup your wordPress Blog.
As usual, I have made the tutorial very easy for you so that you can understand it without facing any problem. However, if you are still facing any problem, feel free to ask the same via comments. I will feel happy to assist you.
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