How to Start Blogging with Blogger

If you are a Newbie in Blogging and want to start Blogging then Blogger is the best Platform for you due to its simplicity.It is free so there is no need to worry about any kind of Investment in Hosting or So. Blogger  is a product of Google and gives you the opportunity to make money through Blogging so If you think that you are a Good writer then you can start your blog easily but only writing in your blog is not enough to get popularity.Today I will guide you to become Good blogger.



Why you should start Blogging with Blogger and not with WordPress.com

Although both of platform i.e-WordPress and Blogger is 100% free but I will suggest you to go for Blogger.I have used both of these Platform and have found that Blogging with Blogger is much easier than with wordpress.com. Also Blogger gives you the facility to edit its Template Codes(xml) whereas WordPress doesn’t provide this facility.Here I want to clarify that, I am talking about WordPress.com and not about WordPress.org where you need to pay for Hosting.


Some people believes that Blogger lacks SEO(Search Engine Optimization) feature but you can optimize your SEO by doing some basic things which is easy as well.Once your blog starts coming in Google Search, there would be no difference between Blogger and any other WordPress Blog.



What you should Post and What not in your Blog

The most important thing to get better ranking in search engine is the Quality Content.Search engine neglects blog and websites having  following type of contents:

  1. Copyrighted Materials – Search engine neglects those blogs which contents the violates the copyright policy.It is also important to note that these contents are against the Google’s TOS and it will create an issue when you will apply for Adsense Account so If you don’t have permission to distribute any content, don’t do that.
  2. Adult Content –  Never write topics which includes Adult,Pornographic and sexually explicit content.Your contents should be appropriate for a family and kids to view.
  3. Hacking/Cracking  –  Most of the people hacking cracking content and your blog or website will also get popularity with these contents in very short span of time but it won’t help you to get an account of AdsenseGoogle are strict against these type of content so make sure that you are not providing any hacking or cracking software or the website to grant permission to illegal access.
  4. Weapons –  If your Aim is to earn money through your Blog then never include contents like-buying/selling of weapons or any other topic which can bring violence in the society.



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