How to write Search Engine Optimized Contents on Your Blog?

So many blogs are there which focuses on blogging tutorials,Making Money Online,Technology etc but very few of them are doing well. The primary reason behind this fact is obviously “Poor Seo”.A recent survey shows that 97% Google users only check the search result present on first page.It means that you will get relatively less visitors for the contents which appears on second or third page of Google Searh results.You must write Search Engine Optimized Contents on Your Blog on your blog.You can use various SEO plugins in WordPress but Blogger doesn’t provide any such facility so you must know the right strategy of optimizing your blog contents.Today,i will show you,how you can optimize your blog contents.

How to write Search Engine Optimized Contents on Your Blog?
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Search Engine Optimized contents on your blog will improve your position in search results and your contents will appear on first page of Google Search Results.

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How to write Search Engine Optimized Contents on Your Blog?
Various Strategies for optimizing contents of your blog are as follows:

#1-Include TARGETED keyword in the url  

Before writing any blog post,you must decide about the targeted keyword because based upon this,your blog post will appear in google search results.Normally the url or permalink of any blog post appear in format “http://xyz.com/2013/post#6” or something similar to that which is not search engine friendly.You must include your targeted keyword in your permalink to get better results in SERPs.

An example of Search Engine optimized “Permalink” or “Url” having “Search Engine Optimized” as the keyword is “https://geteverything.org/how-to-write-search-engine-optimized-contents-on-your-blog“.When users will search for queries related to this keyword,Google will search this keyword in your url,Blog post title,Meta description etc. Based on that, it will show its result so your blog post will definitely get higher ranking.

#2-Include the targeted keyword in the blog post title

Blog Post Title is considered most important for search engines because search engines catch the titles first. If you have poor and difficult title then there is very little chance that your content will appear in search results.You must include your Targeted keyword in your Blog Post Title.

An Example of Search engine  Optimized blog post title having “Search Engine Optimized Contents” as the targeted keyword is “How to write Search Engine Optimized Contents on Your Blog?“.Never use complex title.Think as a common user and decide your titles according to their mind.keep it simple all the time.

#3-Include targeted keyword in Post description

Post description appears below the Blog Post Title in search engine results. It means that they are also important as well.To optimize your blog post for search engines,you must include targeted keyword in your post description.Use it multiple times for better results.

#4-Always use h1 tag for title

For optimizing your blog post content, You must use H1 tags for your heading because search engine always prefer H1 tag rather than H2. According to Seo Experts, H1 tag is king and H2 is Queen so use H2 or H3,H4 for sub-headings.If your template is not using it by default then prefer to do some modification.

#5- Use the Targeted keyword in the ALt Tag of Images

Google or any other search engine doesn’t know about images until and unless you are using Alt Tag. They filter images on the basis of contents written with alt tags.It doesn’t matter whether your image contains a figure of dog. If you have used “cat” in the alt tag then Search engine will place that image in the category of cat.I have already provided the Tutorial for Optimizing Images on your Blog.

You should use targeted keyword in the alt tag of your images.You will see its benefit in image search.Now a days,searching has become lot more easier and people are using Google Image search so you can always get the advantage.

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#6- Write your targeted keyword in bold and italic

New bloggers never make use of this but it is still a handy suggestion.You should write your targeted keyword in bold at the beginning of the paragraph or at the end. Similarly, make use of italic as well.

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#7- Title should be seo friendly

Your title should be seo and user friendly. It should be understandable to your users. Before writing your blog post, Think like a normal visitor. As a normal visitor, What would you like to search on Google to find content related to your blog. Headlines are always important for bloggers and readers.A recent survey shows that 80% of visitor just read your headline and then leave your site.Only 20% of them actually view your content.It is probably the reason why your Blog Post title should be cachy and interesting.

#8- Make use of youTube videos

Record a video and upload it to the YouTube. Use this video on your blog post. Make sure that the title of video is same as the Title of your blog Post. In this way, Your blog post will get more exposure not only in Google but also in YouTube.

#9- ALways write for your visitors

Your primary focus is your visitors so always try to write for them. It means, Write the content which are helpful for them. It is quite logical as well. Why people will visit your blog, If you are writing for yourself or on any topic, Which are useless for them.

Always reply to their comments.It creates a relationship between writer and commenter.

#10- Never use useless keywords

Keywords are the most important part of any blog post so you must use only high quality keywords. You should avoid using keywords like “an”,”are”,”is” etc because they are quite common and useless.


From the Editor’s Desk
Search Engine Optimized Contents are the only way to get better position in search engine results and indirectly the traffic and popularity. If you are a new blogger then you must use the above suggestions. So Many bloggers are there, Who invest a huge amount of money on Search Engine Optimization which shows its importance.
Simply use these tactics and write  Search Engine Optimized Contents on Your Blog. I tried to include all major points but if you think that i have missed something, Advise me through commenting. If you have any question then feel free to ask me.
Ravi Kumar

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