INinbox Review: A Reliable & Affordable Email Marketing Platform

Hi Guys,Do you have an Email List?

If no then you should build one without worrying about the cost, because today i will be featuring a new Email Marketing Service “INinbox” which is really affordable.

Before Getting started let me ask you a simple Question, Do you know What Email Marketing is?

If no, then read on.

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What is Email Marketing?

Whenever you write any new article in your blog, you fire an Email to your readers or subscribers so that they can come back and read your article. This is called “Email Marketing”.    However, EMail Marketing is not just limited to the promotion of your articles. You can use EMail Marketing for peforming various tasks like promoting your product, Selling a product, Building better relation with your subscribers, Sending Ads and much more.

Sending an Email to a large number of subscribers  through Gmail or any other Email sending platform is very very difficult so we use Email Marketing Platforms or Services .  They provide many features like Email Templates(for better user experience),broadcast,auto-sender,tracking tools etc which simplifies our task. Using the tracking functionality, we can easily track the conversion rates and analyze what our readers are doing with our email.

Now the first thing that strikes your mind is – If Email Marketing is that much productive, Why every blogger is not using it?

It’s because many of them can’t afford Email Markting Services due to their high Cost, but now I have found a perfect solution for those bloggers in the form of “INinbox Email Marketing Service”. It is Reliable & Affordable.

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What is INinbox?

INinbox Review

INinbox is an Reliable & Affordable EMail Marketing Platform founded by Tim Bekker. It provide all Functionalities and Email Tools at very low price.

If you wanna test their service, sign up for Free. You can add 2,000 contacts and send 20,000 Emails for Free i.e without using your Credit Card. 

Watch their Introductory Video

Features of INinbox

1. Email Marketing

Cheapest Email Marketing Service

Nearly every business depends on Email Marketing these days, but most Email Marketing softwares are complex. The developers of INinbox claims that they had created a platform that make EMail Marketing easy!.
Features included in their Email Marketing service are listed below:

  1. Broadcast & Autoresponder – Broadcasts are actually the Emails which can be sent at any time depending upon your requirements. You can automate it by specifying a date for it. Autoresponder comes into play when someone clicks on your link. When you click on any specific link, you certainly get an email saying “just click on this link to download bla bla bla..”. This task is performed by Autoresponders.
  2. One-Click Duplication Feature – This feature allow you to renew sent emails without wasting time.New subscribers and corrected bounce-backs can be easily updated.
  3. Easy HTML Message Editor– Using this tool, you can adjust any pre-built or custom template at any time before delivery. Simply, pick a template from the library and customize it according to your need.
  4. Professional HTML Email Templates– If you don’t have HTML knowledge, you can choose any designed templates for better user’s experience. HTML editing tool helps you add your company logos, links, images and texts.
  5. Email-Tracking Analytics– Using this feature, you can collect subscriber activity, such as opens, views, clicks, bounces, and forwards.
  6. Split Testing– Using this feature, you can compare the effectiveness of two or more versions of an email broadcast in order to discover which has better conversion or response rate.
  7. Other Features – For other features, see below given screenshot:

INinbox Review

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2. Contact Management

Cheap Email Marketing Service

INinbox application has many advanced features that allows you to give all your contacts the emails they prefer. Within a couple of clicks, you can reach every part of your audience with ease and accuracy.
Lets see all features under Contact Management

  1. Subscriber List Management– You can easily import your contacts to manage your list of recipient. You can also view individual details by  demographic, history, clicks, opens, and much more.
  2. Sign Up Form Creator – Without using Sign Up Form, you can’t get details of your subscribers. Using this tool, you can easily create simple subscription form. The opt-in form can be customized by using css codes.
  3. Advanced Segmentation – This feature allow you to create distinct list for targeting different recipients as per their interest. You can use custom fields to separate subscriber on the basis of age, gender, location, interest etc
  4. Automation Rule– This feature saves a lot of time because it allow you to add or remove subscribers from a specific list.
  5. Geo Location– INinbox tries to detect the location of your subscribers through IP address, city, state and country. However this feature doesn’t work in all parts of this world.

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3. INspired Support

INinbox Review

The INinbox Inspired support team consists of Professional Email Designers which means they can help you incase you find it difficult to create stylish Email Subscription form. You can use the contact us form to reach them.
As per my experience, i can say that they give more importance to their paid members which is understandable as well. It means if you are a free user, you may get late reply.

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Why to Choose INinbox?

1. No Need to Use your Credit Card for Testing its Services

Cheap Email Marketing Services

Even in Free account, 99 out of 100 Email Marketing Platforms will ask for your credit card. INinbox is different from them because it doesn’t ask you for your credit card. In free account, you can add 2,000 contacts and send 20,000 emails for free.

2. No Need to Install any Software in your Computer

INinbox is a web based application which means you can use it without installing anything on your computer. Another benefit of using it is its accessibility from any part of this world.

3. Best for Beginners

If you are a beginner in the field of Email Marketing, INinbox is best for you because it’s really very cheap as compared to other EMail marketing Platforms. If you can’t afford to buy it, just use its Free account.

4. No Risk Involved

All Membership charges are billed monthly which gives you the freedom of cancelling your membership at any time(in case you are not happy). For free account, they don’t require your Credit card!

5. WordPress Plugin for Sign Up Form

If you are a complete newbie in the field of html and css, you can use INinbox WordPress Plugin for adding Sign Up forms to your WordPress Blog within few seconds.

6. Integration with Magento

INinbox also works with Magento. You can connect INinbox with magento using Magento Email Plugin and sync all your E-commerce contacts from Magento to INinbox.
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Pricing Details:

I guess by now you are very well satisfied with all features of INinbox. Now its really necessary to provide you some information about its Price because it’s the price which matters right?
There are Pricing options. You can choose one depending upon your requirements.

Cheap EMail Marketing Services

Free Box – As the name suggest, it’s the Free account which means you don’t need to pay for this account. Free Box account permits you to add 2,000 contacts and send 20,000 Emails for free i.e without using your Credit Card.

Big Box  Big Box package costs you just $3.95 per month and permits you to add up to 5,000 contacts and send Unlimited Emails.

Sky Box –   This Package is considered best for all kind of clients. It just costs you $9.95 per month and permits you to add unlimited contacts and send unlimited emails. Isn’t that cheap and awesome?

INinbox Review


Final Words

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable Email Marketing Platform for expending your network through Email Marketing, I will highly recommend you to use INinbox Marketing Service. Sign up for a free Account from Here

Test their services yourself and give your honest reviews through comments.

Ravi Kumar

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