Interview of Imran Uddin of AllTechBuzz.net

After a long time, i am publishing an Interview with Imran Uddin of All Tech Buzz, who is also a famous personality in the field of Blogging. I have already published an interview with Pro Bloggers like Neil Patel, Ammar Ali and Many Others.  So many people, who always blames their financial problem for their unsuccessful career can get inspiration from his personality because he is still a student and belongs to lower middle class family. His mother was the head of his family and was only a single working women in his family. Instead of blaming his family, he proved his talent and became one of the shining star in the field of blogging specially in India. When i approached him for the interview, he was quick to reply which shows a positive prospects of his personality and behaviour.

Interview of Imran Uddin of AllTechBuzz.com
I was interested to interview him because he is an inspirational character and some of his thinking and scenario matches with mine as well. When i started blogging, my financial condition was also not good but i never blamed my parents or any other person. If you are talented, prove it instead of blaming someone. Anyway, i don’t want to waste your time much. Just have a look on below conversation between me and Imran.

1. You don’t need an introduction but as a part of the formality, can you please tell our Readers a little about yourself?

Hi firstly thanks for having me here.

I am an Engineering Student and a part time blogger .But these days Engineering has became my part time course and Blogging turned into full time business.
I always try to learn new things and master new skills.Since childhood I always had a dream to become rich as soon as possible and to live a comfortable life.To get rich the only tool I found in my childhood was getting well educated which would fetch me a good job in future.But after I entered into Engineering things changed after I found Blogging/Internet Marketing.

2.Tell us little about your blogging journey like- when did you started it and how?

Whatever I do I make sure that I get three things out of that
My mom bought me a computer at the end of my Engineering First Year.I just fell in love with it ,as it was an excellent machine to learn almost everything in the world right from the home with Internet access.I started learning many things from computer.First it started with solving the problems of academics then I started learning some unique skills like Magic,Mind Reading to impress people.Then curiosity to know about other people made me to learn hacking.As Facebook has grown immensely ,I tried to learn things related to Facebook Hacking for which I was supposed to master many things like Programming and Web Designing.Then slowly I turned into a computer geek and started helping people on various Facebook Groups.Then I thought that I will be using my computer skills to make money online and got started with Blogging.

3. What is blogging for you? How do you see yourself without blogging?

For me Blogging was a life changing idea.Blogging helped me to solve my financial issue and also fetched me decent fame.The best thing is I have developed a lot of skills because of Blogging.
Before I started blogging I was very much attracted towards literature and science.If I was not a blogger I would have ended up either as a Writer or might be doing some Research work related to science.

4.According to You, What are the essential requirements to become a successful blogger-Is that technical skills or anything else?

First thing you need is Common Sense.Blogging is all about understanding what people need and providing them information in a way they understand better.
Other than that Blogging requires overall skills ,you must be good at English which is obligatory , then you must be strong at the basics of HTML/CSS.With time you must also learn SEO and SMO without which your blog wont get much traffic.
Blogging is a vast field.There is not end to it.Blogging is a learning process , you learn something new today and implement it then test the results.

5. How much time did you spent to make you first dollar online?

It took almost 6 months for me to make money online.My first income was Rs.300 which I got from mginger

6. According to you, what is best- Full time Job in any Good Company or Full Time Blogging?

It all depends on the mindset of the person.
I personally prefer to work with many people rather than do a blogging alone.I love to work in an environment where I can socialize with people.So for that either you need to work in an office or have your own office where you can work with people of similar mindset.

7. Apart from All Tech Buzz, do you have any other blogs?

Yes I have many blogs other than All Tech Buzz.I am completely into niche blogging and affiliate marketing so I keep on creating atleast two blogs per week.Some last long and some expire after few days.

8. How one can become an established blogger. How much time does it generally take to become an established blogger?

If you work consistently it takes only 6 months.You need to work day and night,put your heart and soul into it.

9. How do you manage to attract large amount of traffic to your blog?

In the past I used to depend only on Google but I was wrong .Google updates can screw you anytime.Though it can’t wipeout a blog completely if you are not doing any black hat seo but your traffic keeps on dropping down if you are not consistent.So I have developed a huge referral traffic via Facebook,Youtube and few other sources.

10.Who is your role model in the field of blogging. Kindly mentioned the names of your favorite blogs as well.

As far as Blogging is considered my role models are Neil Patel from quicksprout and Amit Agarwal from Labnol.
I follow hundreds of blogs on regular basis including yours.I mostly follow blogs related to SEO to keep myself updated with the latest seo strategies.Some of them include seroundtable,Search Engine Land,Search Engine Watch etc.

11. You started blogging at very young age. Haven’t you faced any obstacles from your parents or society?

I was under lot of pressure when I got started with blogging.I was a good student but as I was not able to concentrate on my studies due to blogging my aggregate starting falling down semester by semester.I was not really worried about that because I knew that I am going to be very successful in blogging and Internet Marketing.But I had to face a lot of issues with my parents and friends.
Honestly speaking I didnt say my 2nd year 1st Semester Marks to my parents and skipped by saying some reasons that the results are not yet out etc etc.Then by the end of 2nd year I started making some decent money and my parents got full confidence on me and then I revealed my marks to them.Now they are not really bothered about my education as I am making some decent money via blogging which none of the MNC’S can pay for an Engineering Student.
When it comes to society I really don’t bother what they think of me and my work.

12. How do you see Alexa Rank and Google PR? Are they really useful?

Google Page Rank is loosing its importance day by day.I see new sites with 0PR ranking better than high PR sites in search engines.So undoubtely Page Rank has lost its importance when it comes to search engine ranking.Alexa Rank is completely different and has nothing to do with a blog popularity or traffic.Its only the amount of traffic you get from Bloggers.
Again when you want to drive more advertisers to your site these two are the most important metrics.But if you want to make some good income via Adsense or Affiliate Sales then these both doesn’t matter really.

13. It’s a difficult task to write fresh contents all the time. How do you manage to bring new ideas everytime?

Writing good content is the most difficult task.Though I have many ideas writing them is always a painful task for me.To get new ideas I keep on reading hundreds of blogs on daily basis and I expose myself to new problems and come up with solutions and share the same with my audience.

14. How do you monetize your Blogs? Kindly mention all methods?

When coming to me I have tested various methods of monetization on my blogs and felt that Direct Banner Advertising works best for me when coming to All Tech Buzz.On other blogs I use differnt monetization methods like Promoting Affiliate Products ,CPA etc.I also use Adsense as a sorce of income but I never depend on it completely.Infact nothing changes to my earnings even without Adsense.

15. Do you think, Google Adsense is enough for making huge money through a blog or website?

Never completely depend on Google Adsense. There are many reasons for that .Firstly it kills creativity in you and you will stop exploring new ways to make money.Which will restrict your knowledge to a particular area and your earnings get saturated day by day.

16. Blogs related to Blogging, Making Money online and Technology generally fails to make much money via Adsense or any other Ad networks. What are your suggestions for them? What should they do to make more money?

Blogs related to Technology can make a decent money with Adsense but blogs related to Blogging,Make Money Online cannot make a decent money with Adsense at all.You have to go with Direct Banner Ads and Affiliate Marketing in such cases.

17. Are you using any premium services or tools? If yes, kindly name them.

I use SEO MOZ on regular basis .Other than that I keep on testing almost all the Tools but most of them fail to automate my work.So I prefer to do things manually most of the time.

18. According to you, which platform is best for bloggers- Blogspot or Self Hosted WordPress?

Both are good platforms.For a newbie I highly recommend Blogspot as wordpress needs hosting and it always troubles you with some or the other issue.And hosting charges are always headache.I face a lot of difficulty with wordpress blogs as they cannot withstand high traffic.Here high traffic I mean 30k+ hits per day.
On the flip side of coin Blogger blogs cannot be customized to the best possible extent.When you want full control over your blog go with WordPress.
If you are well established blogger and earning decent enough then go with dedicated servers and host your blogs on wordpress platform.

19. What are your future plans?

I am planning to start my own firm right after finishing my Engineering which is going to end in few months.I will get started with SEO services and Online Advertising then keep on expanding it.

20. Any Message for my readers.

If you want to be successful in Blogging keep on exploring new things and keep on improving your skills.For quick results follow people who are doing well in your niche and do similar things.Don’t hesitate to spend few bucks online to learn few things.
Stay Hungry. Stay foolish.
It was really an awesome interview where Imran Uddin of AllTechBuzz.net shared so many secrets and suggestions. wasn’t it. If you want to ask him any other question, ask through comments. He will love to give the reply of your questions as well.
Let me know, whether his character inspires you or not?
Ravi Kumar

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