Interview with Rohit Langde of Blogsolute.com

As you all know, I started Blogger’s Interview Series 4 months ago on this blog. The motive was straight forward. I wanted to know more about Successful bloggers. The Interview Series got enormous popularity because many famous bloggers like Neil Patel ,Ammar Ali, Kulwant Nagi ,Don Caprio etc Shared very useful information with us which helped so many new bloggers.  Believe or not but a Proper Guidance always helps. Hopefully I will be continuing this journey as long as possible.

Last week, I interviewed Spencer Haws, who is known for the development of best keyword Research Tool “Long Tail Pro“. Spencer shared very interesting stuffs with us.

This Week, we have Rohit Langde with us. He is the owner of Blogsolute, which was started in the year 2008. This is a pure technology blog and has been featured on many famous blogs.

I am very thankful to him for giving us time and sharing different secrets about his blogging Journey. I don’t want to waste your time now so let’s start the interesting interview.

Rohit Langde of Blogsolute

1. You don’t need an introduction but as a part of the formality, can you please tell our Readers a little about yourself?

I am Rohit Langde, Tech Blogger based in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. I was a Part time blogger till last month (July 2013) but recently took Internet Business as full time profession. Blogging since 5 years and now venturing out and trying my hands on different things and driving efforts to be called as Web Entrepreneur.

2. Tell us little about your blogging journey like- when did you started it and how?

I started blogging in early 2007 on Blogspot platform but Blogsolute came into life only in mid-2008. Reason behind starting a blog was simple: To get my name on Web so that from anywhere in the world, from any device, you can see it from a direct link. Yes, that might sound stupid but it’s true.
Movies, being my first subject of interest, I started a blog on Bollywood which nearly saw a life of one year. In the meantime, I learned many things about Blogosphere and decided to share them with others. And that’s when, Blogsolute was born. To share my learnings and experiences about Computing and Blogging.

3. How do you define blogging in your own word?

For me, it is a platform to share and express.
Actually, I started blog just to let the world know about my learnings and me.

4. What is the role of SEO in the success or failure of a Blog?

Honestly, SEO had no role in success for me but only failure. Without SEO, Blogging used to be so much fun in initial days. Personally, I feel that not giving priority to SEO lead to all kind of Google algorithm attacks on my Blog.

5. What unique information and ideas does your blog offer to new bloggers?

Blogsolute differs from other Tech blogs only in one way that all the articles posted here are tried and tested for working. We never did quick publish just to cover a topic.

6. Blogsolute has got enormous success. What’s the reason behind that?

As I said above, everything posted is tried and tested. This lead to build trust among readers and their preference to Blogsolute over others. Once you have a loyal reader base which is not dependent on Search engines, you have got success at that point.

7. Is there any way to get good amount of traffic in small span of time?

In this times, it is extremely difficult to get that. Only hot trends can reach to that success level.
I believe that anything achieved in short span of time without much efforts shouldn’t last long so, we at Blogsolute, always thought long term evergreen topics.

8. How do you monetize your blog? Is that Adsense or anything else?

Yes, Major and consistent income source is Adsense.

9. Which premium tools you are using on your blog and why?

Everything used on Blogsolute is available for free. I think only premium service I am using is AWeber for managing email list.

10. Traffic is essential for bloggers. How do you manage to attract tons of visitors to your blog?

I think I have already answered this. I am no SEO expert and whatever amount of traffic Blogsolute received is because of the quality of content published.

11. Many bloggers says-Alexa Rank and Google PR are just useless. Do you agree with this?

People who say that often are at good rankings or really bad at it. In my opinion, they actually are a measure of your reputation and reach. Even if I ignore it, it is essential for getting direct advertisements and sponsored posts (in case one is looking at this kind of monetization).

12. Mention the names of your favourite bloggers and blogs.

I hardly follow any Blog or Blogger religiously so cannot answer any specific name. It doesn’t mean that I don’t read but actually I read so many random new and old bloggers that I cannot name someone specifically.

13. Do you attend events like Blogger Meet? Are they useful for bloggers?

I used to but started avoiding them in recent past. Yup, usefulness depends on the people attending it so that there is a discussion and idea exchange else it will be a big time waste.

14. How do you see Guest Posting as a method of driving traffic?

After all these algorithm updates, Guest posting seems to be a good method to build reputation and natural link building strategy.

15. It is extremely difficult to earn huge amount of money through Adsense in a blog which include topics like Making Money Online/Blogging/Web designing etc. What are your recommended methods for making money online with these blogs?

When your niche is dealing with Webmasters as Blog readers, you should prefer introducing services and reviewing products. Sharing your genuine experience will certainly help them and you can monetize it using the affiliate of the same product. This will return far better than Adsense.

16. How you differentiate yourself from other bloggers?

Everyone is unique in their way. Instead of me differentiating myself, I leave upto the people to decide .

17. Now a day most of the new bloggers (specially from developing countries) starts blogging on common topics like Making money online, Blogging tutorials, Technology etc. but very few of them achieve good results. According to you, which are the best topics for a new bloggers to start blogging?

On this question, I would like to tell a quote by Mr. Shiv Khera which say “Winners don’t do different things, they just do things differently”. One should do what they like, there is nothing best topic as such.

18. What are your future plans?

To open an e-Store. You will soon come to know about it.

19. If you could give one tip to newbie bloggers, what would it be?

Give a personal essence to whatever you write. There are many more covering the same thing on their blog but you have to be different in order to be successful. Let your blog post define your personality.


It was really a nice interview, where Rohit Langde shared so many helpful information. New bloggers can really learn a lot from him. What do you say?

Ravi Kumar

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