Interview with Super Affiliate Marketer Zac Johnson

In last few months, I wasn’t able to publish Interviews of Pro Bloggers on this blog. However, today is completely different day because we have Affiliate Marketer & ProBlogger Zac Johnson with us. He is the most known Affiliate marketer from the industry who has made million of dollars through Affiliate Marketing. If you are a blogger or an affiliate marketer then I am 100% sure that you have heard his name so many times because he is very active on social networking sites and his blog where he guide other bloggers. He is the CEO of MoneyReign, Inc and lives in New Jersey. He has been making money online for more than 16 years.

Today Zac Johnson will share some of his secrets by answering my questions.

Before I start the interview, I would like to thank Zac Johnson for accepting my Interview Proposal and spending time to give awesome answers.

Interview with Super Affiliate Marketer Zac Johnson

(1) Hello Zac. Warm welcome at geteverything.org.

Thanks, glad to be here and have the opportunity to connect with you and your readers.

(2)Can you tell us a little about yourself, your business and the website that you run?

I’m a die-hard entrepreneur who first started making money online at the age of 14 while in high school. Since then I’ve dedicated my time and life to making a successful business through the internet.

(3)According to me, You are the best affiliate Marketer. How easy or difficult was your journey?

Thanks, but I wouldn’t say I am the best affiliate marketer, but I have done a nice job as branding myself in the affiliate marketing space. The most successful people in the affiliate marketing space are making millions of dollars per month and likely to never be heard of. The secret to making money online and running a successful business is adapting with the changes and having the dedication to work non-stop and always trying to stay ahead of the competition. In short, it’s not easy at all and most people will lose money trying to make money online simply because they don’t have the dedication and work ethic.

(4)According to you, What is blogging? How it has affected your business?

Blogging has been amazing. I first started my blog at ZacJohnson.com back in 2007 and it’s done some amazing things for my personal brand. Since launching the blog I’ve been able to focus on my own personal brand as a business instead of relying on affiliate marketing and ad campaigns.

(5)You started making money online at very young age. How it became possible?

As mentioned earlier, I started making money online as a teenager while in high school. I knew there was a way to make money through the internet and I kept figuring it out step by step (over the course of a couple years). This was everything from creating banner ads for people at $1 each, to building out my own content sites and sending traffic to Amazon’s affiliate program. I eventually came across affiliate marketing which is where the real money started to come in.

(6)What’s the biggest lesson you have learned from being an Internet entrepreneur?

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset and wanted to run a business of your own. I’d like to think it’s something you are born with (the passion), but I’ve seen others do extremely well in online marketing that just fell into it as well. The biggest lesson is learning from your mistakes and successes on a daily basis. When you are the company, you are responsible for everything… including your income, losses, success and failures.

(7)According to you, What’s the best way to make money online for bloggers?

Become the authority of what you know. It doesn’t matter what you are the best at as long as you can establish yourself and the leader within that niche. You don’t need to be #1, but getting anywhere near the top will allow you to build out your own brand and then you can really start to monetize your blog and business.

(8) Everyone need an inspiration for getting the taste of success. Who is your source of inspiration and why?

I always want to do better and am always working on new projects as well, or trying to make my existing ones better. I want to work as hard as I can now and build up my own brand and business so I can relax for the second half of my life.

(9) I have heard that your blog was also attacked by hackers and was penalized by google algorithm as well. How did you overcome?

Google is slapping everyone right now, it’s just something we all have to deal with. Detox and remove bad links to your site, setup no-follow links leaving from your site and you should be fine.

(10) According to you, What are the must use Plugins for WordPress users and why?

I don’t go nuts with WordPress plugins. I use all of the basics and a few tracking / redirect ones. Search “top wordpress plugins” on Google and you will find the best ones out there. They are changing all the time.

(11) Things which every blogger must consider Before selecting a Theme for their blog?

Setup a theme for your blog that focuses on the content and minimizes banner space if you are going to be using them. Also be sure to include your social profiles on your theme and make it easy for people to share your content.

(12) How much time do you spend on SEO for your blog? Which are the SEO tools you are using now in your blog?

I don’t mess with SEO that much. I’m all over the place, so people will find me in the search results, on other sites, in various articles at conferences and so on. At the end of the day it all comes down to content, that is what matters most — write awesome stuff and people will share it and find you.

(13)How important is “making connection” with others bloggers in blogging? How did you manage to make connection with popular celebrities like Darren Rowse,Jeremy schoemaker in your early days of blogging?

Connections are everything. Help other people and it will come back to you over time. I’ve always made sure to answer all emails I get, find the time to respond to all interview requests and talk with anyone at conferences. I don’t care if you have 1 visitor to your site or a million… it’s about showing appreciation.

(14) Many Bloggers hate to be interviewed. What are your views on this?

Everyone is different. I like interviews, but many of them ask the same questions… so it can become tedious. As mentioned earlier though, I always take the time to respond to everyone.

(15) I am also a regular visitor of your other blog i.e bloggingtips.com. I came to know that, you have purchased this blog via flippa. How it became possible?

I purchased bloggingtips.com a while back from a friend I knew who ran the site. I saw it listed on Flippa and it ended up being a bidding war with me and another big name blogger. I’ve been adding content to the site myself along with other writers for the past few years, but haven’t had the chance to really monetize it and grow it into something amazing yet.

(16) Suggest some affiliate marketing/CPA networks which we should join to make some money.

I’ve had a lot of success with Neverblue and Peerfly. Everyone has their own preferences. Find offers that are doing well, then create ad campaigns through demographic targeting. Keep in pushing through campaigns til you find a winner. Expect to lose money on most campaigns, the winners will make up for all of your losses over time. Sounds easy enough… but it’s actually quite tough.

(17) What are your future plans?

I’m focused right now on a handful of projects. This includes working with my top sites and launching a new tutorial based membership site. I will also be launching my own podcast within the next month.

(18) Message for my readers.

Create awesome content. Engage with your audience and do good. There is way too much crap and replication online. Focus your efforts on something amazing and you will find success.

Overall, this interview was really helpful. If you want to know more about Zac, you can check his Bio . His other details are:

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