Interview with Anil Agarwal of bloggerspassion.com

It was a hectic month for me and I failed to update this blog. Now, I am a bit free and publishing another interview with a Pro Blogger. This time, I am going to publish an Interview with Anil Agarwal of Bloggers PassionHe is a among the top Indian bloggers and New Bloggers can learn a lot from him. He is also an SEO Expert which means can be really helpful. His blog Bloggers Passion has got a Global Alexa Rank of 19,445 and  Indian Alexa Rank of 3,292. I also love this blog and regulary visit it.

Apart from being a Pro Blogger, He is really a nice person having friendly nature. Every blogger should have friendly nature. In this Interview, He has shared important  information about his blog, Life and professional work so It is a must read interview.

Interview with Anil Agarwal of bloggerspassion.com
Interview with Anil Agarwal of bloggerspassion.com

1. You don’t need an introduction but as a part of the formality, can you please tell our Readers a little about yourself?

Hi GuysMy Name is Anil Agarwal and I’m the founder of BloggersPassion.com blog. I’m based out in India and have been into blogging domain for the last 5-6 years.As far as my education is concerned, I had done MCA (Masters in Computer Application). Apart from blogging, I have been active into SEO domain for a long time now. It would not be false if I say I get into blogging domain due to SEO as I started my career as a SEO professional.

2. What is blogging for you?

For me blogging is a way to engage with others. Through blogging, I want to share my real time experiences with readers. Being an SEO expert, I use to share the tips that other bloggers can use to optimize their WordPress and standard websites.


If you look at the kind of topics I use to blog around on Bloggers Passion, you will see they are created to help newbie as well as experienced bloggers with their blogging needs.

3. Why you entered in blogging-Any interesting story?

There is nothing much interesting story being it. While optimizing client’s websites as an SEO expert, I use to create blogs on different blogging platforms. First I get in love with Blogger but later I moved to WordPress.

For the first two years I was doing blogging on Blogger Platform only. But when I moved from Blogger to WordPress, I did not feel any issues and the kind of features and functionalities we are able to use through WordPress; I never revert back to blogger.


If you are a new newbie to blogging, blogger is a great platform to start with.

4. What is the role of SEO in the success or failure of a Blog?

I think SEO has lot to do with the success or failure of a blog. With SEO skills, one can optimize his blog contents in a way they do well on different search engines. With SEO knowledge, we are able to know how to make search engine giants like Google, Yahoo and Bing happy.


Apart from SEO, one needs to make sure his blog contents are liked by blog readers as well.

5. What unique information and ideas does your blog offer to new bloggers? 

With Bloggers Passion blog, I want to help my blog readers in all aspects to make them a successful blogger. Here are some unique ideas I’m sharing with my readers:

  • Helping them set up their blogs from scratch
  • Helping them to make their blog more search engine friendly
  • Giving tips for increasing their blog traffic
  • Sharing monetization methods that my blog readers could use to earn money from their blogs
  • Sharing success stories of popular bloggers with the intension to motivate my blog readers do well with their respective blogs.

Going forward, I’m planning to do some case studies around blogging, seo and monetization methods.

6. You have a small SEO consulting firm. Can you Provide some information about it?

That’s true. I’m running a small SEO consulting firm at SeoBricks.com. With this website, we are aiming at helping different clients with their SEO requirements. We try to send more targeted traffic and leads to our client’s websites matching their targeted niches.

7. BloggerPassion has got enormous success. What’s the reason behind that?

No doubt Bloggers Passion has already reached to a satisfactory level. But I’m aiming at taking this blog to another level. And if you ask me what is the reason behind its success, I would say it’s all happening as a result of around 3 years of efforts I had so far put in for generating contents, doing link building and social media promotion kind of activities.
I had the chance to contribute guest posts on some of best blogs in the blogging niche. You can see some of recently published guest posts on my guest blogging services page here.

8. Is there any way to get good amount of traffic in small span of time?

I don’t think there is any shortcut or magic trick that we can use to drive lots of targeted traffic to our blogs instantly. But whenever you are writing you should do some keyword research around the chosen topic to make sure you are targeting the right kind of keywords in your content.

No doubt if you have a good follower base on social networks, you may be able to send some instant visitors to your blog. But I had noticed traffic from social networks rarely buy anything.

9. How do you monetize your blog? Is that Adsense or anything else?

Right now I’m using the following methods to monetize my blogs. I’m listing the methods in order of their priority (Most Used first).

  • Selling Hosting, Themes, Tools, and Plugins related products while working as an affiliate for leading companies.
  • Selling Banner Advertisements directly
  • Doing paid reviews if coming from an advertiser if that matches my blog niche.
  • Google Adsense widgets
  • Selling SEO, Guest Blogging and WordPress Promotion related services.

10. Which premium tools you are using on your blog and why?

Here is the list of premium tools that I’m using:

  1. Thesis Theme
  2. SEOMOZ Pro Membership
  3. Easy WP SEO & SEOPressor plugins
  4. Mailchimp for List Building

11. Many bloggers says-Alexa Rank and Google PR are just useless. Do you agree with this?

I don’t think Google PR and Alexa Rankings are useless metrics any way. By looking at the Alexa Rankings only, we can predict about the popularity of a website. And Google still considers Page Rank as one of most important criteria in its ranking algorithms.

Google PR value will never went down as page rank related metrics are the basis for Google Ranking Algorithms.

12. Mention the names of your favourite bloggers and blogs.

My Role models in blogging are Darren Rowse, Zac Johnshon, Pat Flynn and Neil Patel. And here is the list of popular blogs that I’m following these days:

  1. Problogger.net
  2. Zacjohnson.com
  3. SmartPassiveincome.com
  4. Quicksprout.com
  5. ShoutMeLoud.com

13. Tell us a little about your Offline Life.

In offline life, I love spending time with my family. And whenever get some tine, love watching movies, cricket etc.

14. Do you attend events like Blogger Meet? Are they useful for bloggers?

I had attended few blogger meets recently only. One of Bloggers Meet which I attended was organized by IndiBlogger community and Microsoft 365 had sponsored that event. Apart from this, I use to meet some of my blogger friends who are based out in NCR region from time to time.

They are really useful. One of the biggest benefits I see behind such meets is the opportunity to do networking with fellow bloggers and can share our ideas and concerns about blogging related issues with each other.

15. How do you see Guest Posting as a method of driving traffic?

Guest blogging can bring in lots of traffic to the guest blogger website. But guest blogger need to deliver his best content as guest post. I was lucky to get good amount of traffic from guest posts which I use to publish on top blogs in the blogging niche.

But recently, lots of people have started abusing this technique as well. I use to get lots of guest blogging requests from guys who are coming only to gain few targeted backlinks for their own or client websites.

They will never return back to see what happen to their guest posts. They even don’t bother to reply to incoming comments on their guest posts.

For the last few months, I have lowered down the number of guest posts which gets published on my blog. I become very choosy about guest posts and most of time accepts guest posts from authority bloggers only.

16. It is extremely difficult to earn huge amount of money through Adsense in a blog which include topics like Making Money Online/Blogging/Web designing etc. What are your recommended methods for making money online with these blogs?

What I had experienced, it’s really hard to make any decent money from such blogs on the basis of Google Adsense only. Most of our targeted audience understands Google Adsense ads and they are rare chances when they will be clicking on a Google Adsense ad on your blog.

And if you want to know the kind of money I’m able to make from Bloggers Passion blog only, please check two of my monthly income and traffic here and here.

17. What are your future plans for BloggersPassion?

Future plans for Bloggers Passion are huge. First of all, I would love to keep on doing the good work.

Apart from this I’m planning:

  • Bring in a new theme for this blog in the coming months
  • Will start writing case studies about my experiments
  • Will aim at writing more posts with the intension to make them viral and want to make them complete guide for their topic.

18. If you could give one tip to newbie bloggers, what would it be?

Never give up and keep on making efforts in the right direction. Sooner or later, success will come your way.
It was again an awesome interview where Anil has shared lots of information. If you want to know more about him or ask the same through comments, He will love to answer your queries.
Ravi Kumar

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