Interview with Don Caprio of Doncaprio.com

Today I am publishing the 5th part of Interview Series. This time, I have interviewed Don Caprio. He is a Full Time Blogger/Web Designer of Nigeria. His blog DON CAPRIO is doing an exceptional job on internet. It has attained a Global Alexa Rank of 17,811 and Indian Alexa Rank of 4,605. It clearly shows his success story. Normally, People change their attitude after getting successful but Don has nice character. I am saying this because so many successful bloggers are there, Who rarely give reponse to the EMails of relatively unpopular blogger like me. However, Don was quick to respond. I am also a big fan of his Blog Don Caprio which is a multi-niche blog. Do you want to know more about him? If yes, Have a look on below given interview stuffs.

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Interview with Don Caprio of Doncaprio.com- Passionate Blogger from Nigeria

Interview with Don Caprio of doncaprio.com

1. Hello Don and Welcome to geteverything.org. Can you Please Introduce yourself?

Thanks, Ravi.I’m Don Caprio, a tech blogger and web designer by profession.

2. Your blog is a Multi-Niche blog and You write on so many topics. What are your favourite topics?

I can’t specifically say which topic I prefer writing on. Everything technology related interests me and that explains why you may describe my blog as a multi-niche blog.

3. How you define blogging? Do you think, it is usefull for youngsters?

To me, blogging has gone beyond just expressing random thoughts in the cyberspace. It goes beyond ranting and writing junks for fun. It has changed over the years especially in the aspect of how it is now being utilized. It’s not just a place where you can express yourself, we’ve seen young individuals turning it to a business venture and making a living from it.

4. Why you entered in blogging-Any interesting story? Have you faced any kind of obstacles in beginning?

Sure, Ravi. It wasn’t fun at first and to be sincere, all I had on my mind was money when I first started. Not earning a dime in the first year was rather frustrating but I knew it wasn’t gonna be easy. As time went on, I realized I actually loved writing and sharing the little I know. Of course, I did face the normal challenges all bloggers face and that’s pulling traffic.

5. How you keep yourself motivated all the time?

Basically, the love I have for what I do is what keeps me going on.

6.How much time did you spent to make you first dollar online?

It wasn’t until after a year I started that I got my first payment. It was even less than a hundred dollars then.

7. Please tell us about your Offline Life.

When I’m not online, I’m probably hanging out with friends or just listening to music. I love music and watch movies when I’m not busy.

8. According to You, What are the essential requirements to become a successful blogger-Is that technical skills or anything else?

The skills are definitely required but then you also need to be patient. As a matter of fact, you need a whole lot of patience to become a successful blogger.

9. Do you invest money on Promotion of your blog?

That’s for sure. The theme I use is a premium theme, so also are some plugins. Besides, one has to spend money on search engine optimization and a few other things.

10. Doncaprio.com has got good reputation among different blogs. What’s the reason behind its enormous success?

It’s persistence and hardwork.

11.Apart from Doncaprio.com, Do you have any other blog?

At the moment, I don’t have any other blog, just doncaprio.com

12. Which premium tools you are using on your blog and why?

I use Commentluv premium because ever since I started using it, it has increased user interaction on that blog exponentially. It’s a great plugin I would recommend to any blogger.

13. How you differentiate yourself from other bloggers?

Actually, I don’t see myself as being different from other bloggers… I’m just like you, just like every blogger out there working hard to get noticed in the blogosphere.

14.Now a day most of the new bloggers (specially from developing countries) starts blogging on common topics like Making money online, Blogging tutorials, Technology etc but very few of them achieve good results. According to you, which are the best topics for a new bloggers to start blogging?

The problem is that you probably won’t succeed when you blog about things you don’t know nothing about. How can you blog about making money online when you’re still a broke dude? How can you blog about blogging tips and SEO when you started blogging just a couple months ago? The only way to choose a good topic to blog about is looking deep down into yourself and talk about things you like and actually have experience on. All these niches are overcrowded already and choosing something different with less people talking about can make a big difference.

15. Every blogger need an inspiration. Mention the names of your favourite bloggers and blogs.

I started with problogger.net in 2009 and still read that blog till date. Darren Rowse is someone I respect greatly. Amit Agrawal of Labnol.org too was an inspiration ans still is.

16. Your Favorite Movies / Music / Sports / Location?

I used to watch movies but these days, there’s very little to do that. I try not to miss Vampire Diaries episodes though. 🙂 I listen to music, rap specifically and my favorite artiste of all time is Tupac. I watch football and I follow the UEFA Champions League and Barclay’s Premier League. I’m an Arsenal fan. I’m not sure I have a favorite location…

17.How you are making Money from your blog-Is it Adsense or anything else?

Yeah, I make money from CPC programs (Adsense & Yahoo/Bing advertising network) and also sponsorship. My blog has also been driving customers who need to get their blogs / website designed.

18. Many bloggers says-Alexa Rank and Google PR are just useless. Do you agree with this?

I agree to some extent. These things are not fully useless. Adverisers take your alexa ranking into consideration before contacting you and PageRank still plays a major role in Google search results. I wouldn’t worry that much about Alexa though.

19. What are your future plans?

I intend to keep doing what I’m doing and get better at it.

20.  Your Message for our Readers.

In whatever we do, the major key to success is perseverance. Quitting just because things seem to be moving rather too slowly isn’t right.

21. Thank you very much Don for being with us, We were happy to have you. Good Luck for the Future!!!

The pleasure’s mine, Rav. Glad to be here.


Hey guys. It was long but great interview. Wasn’t it? If you still have any question, Feel free to ask through comments. I will keep bringing the interview of some more bloggers so stay tuned.

Ravi Kumar

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