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Today is 9th May 2013 and I am starting the Interview Series on this blog.So many bloggers are there, who are doing exceptionally well in the field of blogging.They are successfull now but they have also faced a lot of obstacles in beginning.It would be interesting to get the answers of questions like-How they became successful even after facing many obstacles, How they manage everything, What are there tips to new bloggers etc.Thus, A new blogger can learn so many things from them.I am starting Interview Series on this blog because I want to know more about these famous personalities.I am sure that,you all will love these stuffs as well.Every person needs an inspirational story for getting better results so i am providing it for you from today onwards.

This week, I have got an opportunity to interview an Young Blogger from Haryana,India.He is a famous blogger who is running “Blogging Cage“, Which is a world famous blog.It has got the global Alexa Rank of 13,569 and 860 in India which shows the popularity of this blog.I approached him for the interview and he was quick to reply.I selected him for the first interview on this blog because very few people have published their interview with Kulwant.I am really thankful to kulwant for giving his precious time.Without wasting more time,let’s start the interview and see, What he says about his blog and his life.

Interview of Kulwant Nagi of bloggingcage.com

(1) I don’t think you need an introduction but as a part of the formality, can you please tell me a little about yourself?

I am a very enthusiastic and day dreamer type of guy. I love seeing dreams while my eyes opened and keep planning to convert them into reality.

I am from a very small city called Fatehabad in Haryana. Actually this is a district but the irony is this is the only district in Haryana where there is no Train. So I can say we are lacking little behind other cities.

As per my education is concerned I have done diploma in Electronics and Communication and then B.Tech in same stream


I feel very happy when my friends call me when they are stuck in technical issue. And most of the times I solve the issues on phone only. J


(2) How You Came To Know About Blogging and when? Have you faced any obstacle in beginning?

I started blogging in September, 2011 and it all happened by-chance. I was frustrated and helpless those days (as my dreams were shattered because I was not able to attend higher education in Newyork, USA).

I started looking opportunities on internet and one day I got early in the morning and submitted one article on a good blog. I was flooded with comments in few days and that pushed me forward to start my own blog.

Obstacles were many but I overcame them.

Firstly I was not having money to buy hosting, domain and all. I took money from my cousin brother by using his CC and promised him that I will give you money back soon. Started with 1 CENT first month hosting plan from HostGator and then continued it for 3-4 months paying each month from my brother’s card only.

I made little money after 4-5 months and then shifted my Hosting for 6 months plan. Then I made some more money and bought one year plan of HostGator hosting. And now I am having 3 HostGator accounts all having 2 years validity.

(3) Why you started blogging?

I started blogging for money only. I wanted money because I knew that I can survive only if I will have lots of money. I was little passionate about these web and all because I started using internet from 1999-2000 I think (I made my email ID in year 2001 which is still with meJ). So these web things always fascinated me.


(4)Your blog has done exceptionally well and is among the best blogs of India. What’s the secret behind your success?

The only secret is I worked my ass-off. I never cared about what my parents are saying and I have taken breakfast, lunch, dinner or not. I kept working, kept working and kept working until I was satisfied with my work.

I worked 16+ hours daily. I think that was it.

(5)I know that every successful man has a role model. Who is your role model, as far as blogging is concerned? Also mention the names of your favorite blogs.

Man behind my inspiration was Jonathan Budd and still he is. In starting days of my blogging journey I found his video, which was so inspiring that I became unstoppable.

I kept following this person and taking a lot of inspiration from his activities. I have seen that video which I have shared here almost 100+ times.

(6)You are neither using Adsense nor much affiliate ads on your blog. What is the source of your income then?

Blogging is a Business and I don’t want my business to be dependent on someone other (like AdSense). I know people are making hell lots of money but my thinking is somewhat different.

I have various blogs so making money with sponsored posts. People contact me write paid posts for them.

I am learning the basics of affiliate marketing so soon I will be plugged into it.

(7)You are a full time blogger. How many hours do you spend on your blog?

These days I am spending around 10 hours daily only.

(8)I know about bloggingcage. Apart from that, do you have any other blog?

I am running few other blogs also. You can check them here.


(9)E-Mail Marketing is an effective way of getting subscribers. Is this the reason you have written ‘Blogging Domination Guide’? 

Yes, that was the sole motive to write that book. I started email marketing on 15th January, 2012 and I have 800 awesome subscribers now.

(10)You always write fresh contents. From where do you get these kind of stuffs?

I keep reading other blogs. So whenever I find something interesting where I can add more productivity and creativity in article I pick them.

I keep my eyes open while approving comments because people ask too much questions in comments also. So I always try to answer them in simple manner by writing a blog post.


(11) Now a day most of the new bloggers (specially from developing countries) starts blogging on common topics like Making money online, Blogging tutorials, Technology etc but very few of them achieve good results. According to you, which are the best topics for a new bloggers to start blogging?

I agree that most of the people are starting blogging on these niches only. Because they have misconception that only such niches are making money and they will make you big blogger.

From my point of view they are doing it 100% wrong.

How they can teach someone to make money online when they themselves are not making.

They are teaching how to make money with AdSense while they themselves are not making.

So we must start a blog which is our interest not because most of the people are doing.

Starting a blog on such niche is good when you have strong commitment with yourself that you are going to make it very very big soon. Because when you are a known blogger in such niche then you can re-edit your old article and add much more quality in them.

(12) How much time does, it take to become a successful blogger?

From my thinking you need atleast 1.5-2 years to become a well-known blogger. Because we all need time to learn the things and those things cannot be learnt in just 3-4 months.

(13) What are your future plans?

Working on some projects which I will reveal soon after setting up full environment for them.


(14) Your Message for our Readers.

Don’t feel frustrated and think about quitting after seeing other people’s income. Blogging is a learning journey where you will learn new things each day. So first learn the things then wait for results.

Even trees don’t give fruits in few days. Start caring blogging tree and in few months it will start giving you money fruits.

Never ever think about quitting.

Because “Winner never quit and Quitters never WIN.

All the very best.


That’s all.It was a very useful interview of Kulwant Nagi where he shared some usefull stuffs related to his life and blogging.I hope that, These tips will prove helpful for you.All the best for your blogging carrier.I will bring some more interviews.Have you enjoyed?

Ravi Kumar

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