Interview with Neil Patel: The Master of SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and has become one of the must do thing for getting better result in SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages). Some People don’t know much about it and apply wrong SEO practices which makes the condition worse. Due to this reason, People should know about Correct SEO methods. SEO industry is changing rapidly and there are only few SEO experts, who are doing exceptionally well. Neil Patel is one of them.
The Wall Street Journal” listed Neil Patel among the Top Influencers on the web which shows his popularity. His blog Quick Sprout produces more than $1.5 million and has been featured in most of the popular Magazines including Forbes, Gigaom, Business Insider etc. Apart from QuickSprout, he also runs KiSSmetrics and Crazy EggI really like his blog QuickSprout and never miss even a single article there. Today, I have got a chance to interview him so let’s have chat with him.

Interview with Master of SEO: Neil Patel

Interview with Master of SEO: Neil Patel

1. Welcome on, Neil. I am really feeling great to have a personality like you here.

Thanks for having me.

2.Kindly Tell us about your childhood days?

My childhood was normal… I grew up in middle class America and I wanted more as I child. I saw how people around me had a more luxurious lifestyle and I myself wanted the same thing.

3. Why and when you decided to make a career in Blogging, SEO and Entrepreneurship- Any interesting story?

I decided to have a career in entrepreneurship while I was in high school because I felt that it could provide a better lifestyle for me.

4. Everyone in this world needs an inspiration. Who is your source of inspiration? Name your favourite blogs and bloggers?

One of my favorite entrepreneurs is Elon Musk.

As for blogs I enjoy reading Copyblogger, TechCrunch, Mashable, Gigaom, and Search Engine Land.

5. New Bloggers often try Black Hat SEO techniques for getting better results in search engines. Is this useful or harmful?

They are harmful. In the short run they can help boost your rankings, but in the long run they’ll just end up hurting your search engine traffic.

6. Many SEO expert says that the design of a blog is also a part of SEO. Is it so? Kindly explain.

Some parts of the design are, such as navigational structure. But what is more important is the code. From how clean it is, to the use of headings… search engine friendly code can help boost your overall traffic.

7. I am a regular reader of QuickSprout and it was surprising for me to see that, you have increase the traffic of TechCrunch to 30% in just 60 days. Kindly tell us, How you managed to do that?

I just followed the steps in this case study:

8.You are associated with so many websites, Blogs and services. How do you manage everything?

Over time word of mouth marketing will help you get more customers. If you too provide a great service or product, word of mouth marketing will help you grow.

9. Most of the big fishes of Industry like Microsoft, Amazon, AOL, TechCrunch etc are your clients. How you managed to attract them?

It was just through referrals. I provided great services to people they knew and then they found out about me.

10. According to you, Which is the best niche for new bloggers?

A niche that they are passionate about. If you aren’t passionate about something, you’ll eventually give up on blogging.

11. Being an SEO expert, How do you see “Social Bookmarking” and “Community Building” in online business?

It’s really important because it helps you build trust with potential customers. It also helps drive more search traffic as search engines use social signals to determine rankings.

12. How a blogger can bring lots of traffic to their blog? Is there any trick?

There is no trick. You just have to write good content. If you aren’t familiar with content marketing, you can follow this

13. You have got enormous success in Online Business. What’s the secret?

Hard work and never giving up. That’s all there is to it. As long as you keep at something you love and you continually learn from your mistakes, you are more likely to succeed.

14. According to you, Which kind of blog can get more success- Single Niche or Multi-niche blog?

I would say a single niche blog.

15.According to you, Which SEO Plugin is best for WordPress Users and why?

The plugin by Yoast. It is great.

16. What are your future plans? Kindly tell us about your biggest wish.

I am going to focus on KISSmetrics and continually grow that company.

17. What are the Four tips that you could give to a novice blogger?

1.     Focus on writing great content.

2.     Build up your social profiles so you can then promote your content.

3.     Consistently write so that your traffic will continually rise.

4.     And collect emails so you can remarket to your audience.


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