MadAdsMedia Review with Daily Income Report

These days, I am not using Google Adsense Ads on any of my Blog because i am trying some new and unknown Ad Networks. I was just reading articles on  forums and came to know about an Ad Network named “MadAdsMedia“.  When i searched about it on Google, i founded that, Many bloggers has included it in the list of Best Adsense Alternative. That was probably the reason why, I decided to give it a try on my Other Blog and write MadAds Review . My Other blog gets around 220o Impressions daily.  MadAdsMedia Ad Networks allows you to calculate your daily Revenue so i tried this calculator as well before using its Ads on my Blog. Let’s see, What it said.

MadAdsMedia Revenue Calculator Report
As i mentioned earlier, My other blog gets around 2200 Impressions daily. Its traffic from USA is around 7% but i chose just 5%. For UK, Canada and Australia, i chose 2,2 and 1% respectively. However, my traffic was around 4% in UK. Here you can ask, “Why you provided the Wrong details?”. My answer is “I just wanted to test the earnings through MadAdsMedia specially for new bloggers”. You can also calculate your Revenue by clicking Here. Anyway, Lets see my Report which was calculated by MadAds Revenue Calculator.
As you can see in the Above Figure, eCPM rate is $0.92 and Estimated Daily Revenue is $1. I was pretty excited before trying this network because i thought that, it would the best Adsense Alternative specially for New Bloggers. After trying it, i found that, it is not that much good. Lets see the daily income report.
MadAdsMedia -Daily Income Report
When i Applied for MadAdsMedia,  i was thinking whether it will approve my Blog or not due to less number of visitors but got the approval after few Hours. After getting the Approval, I used its Ad on my blog but the result was not good. My daily Income Report of a week is given below:
As the above figure shows, the eCPM rate is too low.
MadAdsMedia Revenue Calculator Report Vs Real Earning Report
As you can see in the above Figure, ECPM has never touched the mark of even $0.1 but the MadAdsMedia Revenue calculator was showing eCPM rate of $0.92. It shows that, the MadAdsMedia Revenue calculator provides fake report. The comparison is shown below as well:
If you are a New Blogger and your blog doesn’t get huge amount of traffic from USA,UK, Canada, Australia then don’t try it otherwise you won’t earn much. It also generate reports after 2 days which is its another shortcoming as well. For Asian Bloggers who are struggling to get the approval of Google Adsense, i will recommend Qadbra which was early known as AdsGadget. I am trying this network on this blog and will write its review very soon.
Note– I have mentioned new blogs many times in this article but it doesn’t mean that, any new blogs will be accepted by MadAdsMedia.com. Your blog must have reasonable amount of visitors and your blog must not contain any illegal or inappropriate contents.
Ravi Kumar

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