MageNet.com Review- Is it a Scam site?

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I came across Magenet.com,while reading an article about “Best in text advertising networks“.It claims that you can earn more than $1000 per month by selling links on your blog.It was new for me so i tried to get more information about it.It took around 1 month in gathering information about it.If you are also trying this network or looking to try this network then don’t use it because it is a Scam site.I have plenty of points to support this fact.

Scam Sites

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What is MageNet.com?
MageNet.com is an in-text advertising network which sells text links on your blog and thus pay you.It came into existence in the year 2009.They claim that,users are getting more than $1000 per month for selling links.The below given picture shows the same:
Magenet.com Review- Is it a scam site?
They provide you the facility to set your own link prices as well.Actually the price depends upon the pageRank.Your chances of earning will be more with high PR.They claims that You will receive payment via PayPal, MoneyBookers, AlertPay, Payoneer or other system, through which you can receive it.
How MageNet.com works?
Magenet.com Review-Is it a Scam site?e
First of all,it asks you to “Sign Up”.Once done,it will index your website.If your pages has PR 1+ then they will look for keywords in the contents and will offer their clients to purchase backlinks for those pages.MageNet sells links only from pages with content, and only links, placed within the content and surrounded by content.They claim that,they have thousands of clients who want to purchase backlinks for some specific keywords.The screenshot of the links are given below:
Magenet.com-Is it a scam site?
They also allow you to exclude any specific links on your web page.You can also block keywords,for which you don’t wanna place links.Let’s see what they say:
MageNet crawler will index your sites the same way like Google. It does no harm to your sites. It just “reads” the content of your pages, checks Google PageRank and number of outbound links on each page. This information is absolutely private and stays ONLY with MageNet. MageNet needs to index the content of your sites in order to be able to sell links from your sites to our clients.
Why Magenet.com is a Scam Site?
After reading the above written points,the website looks genuine but actually it is not.Let’s see how?

#1-No any Payment proof

Even after wasting whole month,i failed to find even a single website which has published Payment proof from Magenet.com.They claims that people earn more than $1000 per month from them but when you will open this site,you will see the following details:

Magenet Review- Is it a scam site?

It means that they have paid $609,190 for selling 24,167 backlinks from the year 2009.After calculation,i  came to know that the registered site has earned around $4 in their whole life.It means,none of them is earning an amount like $1000 per month.

#2- No legit review available

Before trying anything new,i always check its review by users but for this site,i failed to find any legit review which shows that this site is a scam site and not the real one.

On searching a lot,i found few short reviews which suggested that this site is just a waste.I also recommend you not to use it.

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#3-No one is earning money through magenet.com

In last one month,i contacted almost all users who have used Magenet.com but none of them said that they have earned anything.Later on,i came to know about a site which published the payment proof of Magenet.com but it is not active now.The reason was a large number of spam comments which is a red flag.Google also penalize websites which sell links so don’t try it.

#4- Worst customer service

I don’t know,whether they give reply to other users or not but in my case,they haven’t replied even after a month.It shows that they are not serious about their business at all.I have used various advertising network in my life and most of them are quick to reply.Instead of replying,they sends a number of E-Mails where they offer different ways of earning more money.It is quite annoying.

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#5-Poor payment system

They claims that You will receive payment via PayPal, MoneyBookers, AlertPay, Payoneer or other system, through which you can receive it but they are very slow to react.I have contacted different users who advised me to not to join this network because they haven’t received any payment yet and are still chasing for the same.They have sent numerous requests but not getting reply.

#6- Risk of Penalisation

According to their claim,they pay you for selling links on your bog which is not considered good by Google.Google penalize websites which sell links.Magenet.com claims that they follow algorithm which doesn’t violate the TOS of adsense and even Google consider these links as natural but they haven’t provided enough details about their algorithm so using their service can be risky.

Conclusion:: Magenet.com is a Scam Site
I have already discussed many points which shows that it is a scam site so don’t waste your time.I haven’t read even a single legit positive review about this site.If you are using it then you are playing with your Google PageRank.Instead of using this network, Try the best Google Adsense ALternatives.
If you have also used any scam site then report to Me through comments.It will test those site and will right a legit review.
Ravi Kumar

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