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Piktochart is a great Online Tool for New bloggers and those who are not well versed in Graphic designing. It comes with lots of features like User Friendly interface, Nice Editor, Large number of Themes which can be further customized with ease.
However, I will not recommend this tool to one whose marketing strategy demands regular use of Infographic.

We the Humans are visual creatures that means we process information based on what we normally see. According to the report of Social Science Research Network, 65 percent of us are visual learners.
In last few years, Social media has made a big impact on us. Most of us enjoy sharing our ideas and knowledge(specially when there is a video, photograph or drawing) on social networking sites like Facebook and twitter. It means, people will definitely share a great Blog Post or Tweet or Status update but how many times have you heard of one of those going viral? Mostly, you hear about a nice video or a funny photos catching fire. If you are not that much creative, you should try to create an Infographic. Few days ago, I came across an awesome post titled “Is Blogging Really Dying?” on kulwant Nagi‘s blog where he also advised bloggers to create Infographics for getting better results.

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Whether you love them or hate them, you can’t deny the rising popularity of Infographics. While trying to find the answer of a common question “How to create an Infographic?“, I came across a website Piktochart which allow users to Design Stunning Infographic in Minutes. .For a person like me who don’t have artistic skills(Graphic Designing), it was really a good find. Initially i created a Free Account there just to check their features. Honestly saying, Free account doesn’t provide much facilities to users. You get limited Templates to work with. Howerver, its Pro Plan is worth Trying. After upgrading my Membership to Pro, I tested all Pro features and thus writing an Honest Review.

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Infographic: an Introduction

The word “Infographic” itself is the combination of two words “Info” and “Graphic” which means representation of information in Graphical Format. In simple words, an Infographic can be defined as “a Visual Representation of Information“. With the help of Infographic, we can easily present complex information quickly and clearly. This is the reason why people often say “A good Infographic is worth a Thousand Word“. If you haven’t seen any Infographic yet, Check Here

If you want to spread a message across for your business, blog or website, using an Infographic can be the best way to do that.

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What is Piktochart?

Pictochart is an online tool created by a malaysia based company which allows users to create interactive and search engine Friendly Infographics within few minutes. Web based Editor with Drag and Drop feature makes it a much better platform. There are more than 100 high quality themes available on Paid version of Piktochart which can be further customized.

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Rules you need to Follow while Creating an Infographic?

Putting together a Picture with words and numbers doesn’t make it an infographic, certainly not a promising infographic.There are few basic rules you need to follow when creating your Infographic in order to get user’s engagement. Before starting, make sure that you are following below given rules:

  1. Make it Appealing – Don’t use useless number of chart. Your infographic must convey some message to readers. A part from that you should focus on strong beginning, middle and end. It should stand like a nice story rather than like an excerpt.
  2. Don’t Post Irrelevant Data –  Never use any piece of data which isn’t relevant to your message. Sometime you can find a juicy piece of data which can appear good to you. However, if it’s not relevant, please refrain from including it.
  3. Use Credible Sources – Sometime you can find some interestin data at a particular blog(For example -abc@wordpress.com). Don’t always assume that all information are correct. If you are creating an Infographic, I will highly recommend you to use Credible Sources for gathering information. At the end of your infographic do mention these sources as well.
  4. Mention yourself at the End of Infographic- At the end of Infographic, you must mention your company or blog name so that people can know you.
  5. Make it sharable on Internet –Infographic are considered great for getting inbound links because they are shared on interenet. For getting Inbound links, you must make your Infographic sharable both on social media and blogs. For this purpose, add an embed code so that bloggers can use it on their blog.
How to Create stunning Infographic with Piktochart?

Step- 1 : Collect Data for your Infographic

You always create infographic for spreading some specific message to readers. Without facts and figures, you won’t be able to accomplish this. So, do some research and collect information for your infographic. If you already have the data, you can proceed to next step.

Step 2: Choose a Theme for your Infographic

Piktochart provides more than 100 types of Themes which are Professional and thus need very less editing work. Just take your time and choose the best Theme for your infographic. Once done, just hover your mouse over that theme. You will see two options :(1)Preview and (2)Create . See below given screenshot:


Before actually starting to work on any theme, you can also check its Preview by clicking on “Preview” button. Preview mode nearly shows, how your Infographic will look like. After checking the preview of your selected theme, you can simple click on “Create” button to edit that theme. See below given screenshot.


Step 3: Editing the Theme and Adding your Content

In next window, you can easily edit the Theme and thus add your contents. For editing texts, double click on that text or block. WYSIWYG(What You See IWhat You Get) editor makes this platform more user friendly. As you can see in below given figure, you can easily choose different fonts , their styles, colors,font size etc.


For Adding, Deleting, Moving or doing other kind of customization related to blocks, You can use various options which are available on floating bar(left side). See below given screenshot:



They also provide a set of Icons and Images which are categorized in different categories. Normally, these icons and images will suit your Infographic but in case it doesn’t, you can upload your images and Icons as well.


You can use other features of Piktochart by clicking on different options present in the leftmost part which contains options like – Graphics,Uploads, Backgrounds, Texts, Tools, Styles.


After finishing the work of editing and information addition on your Infographic,  simply click on Share button.  You will see four options : (1) Download as Image (2) Link and Publish on Web (3) Send as Piktocard(Email) (4) Share on social media. See below given figure:


Overall, It’s look like a complete package to me. If you are a complete newbie, you can download the PDF Tutorial Guide as Well.New users can also learn everything by watching their tutorial videos. Some great tutorial videos created by the team are can be watched Here .

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Piktochart Paid Packages?

If you are not comfortable with their paid package you can create a free account as well but you won’t get much features. Their Paid Packages are shown below. They give 60 Day money back guarantee as well.

What I love about Piktochart?
  1. They provide an Online tool which is relatively easy to use for small or normal projects.
  2. Most of their themes(In Pro Package) are fully professional which suits your need(most of the time).
  3. All blocks and Graphics are movable which makes the task of users much easier.
  4. The complete interface with Menus and everything is very much user friendly. It took just 2-3 minutes for me to figure out, how they works.
  5. Grid lines are another best feature which helps you a lot while arranging different blocks.

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What’s bad about Piktochart?
  1. Piktochart is a platform which is used by so many people across the world. It means, more than one user can use the same theme for creating their infographic so your infographic can never be unique in look.
  2. sometime Size of blocks creates a problem. For example- I was editing a block whose original title was “Inbound Marketing”. I wanted to change the title to “How to create a stunning Infographic” but the size of original block was not changeable. Due to this, some part came to the next line after splitting which is obviously not good. On another theme, I wasn’t able to decrease the spaces.

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What’s the overall Conclusion about Piktochart?

If you are not well versed in Graphic Designing and can’t invest $1000 for your Infographic, Piktochart is a great platform for you. However, If you you follow a marketing strategy where you need large number of infographics, I will suggest you to try something which can be easily customized.

Visit Piktochart

Piktochart is a great Online Tool for New bloggers and those who are not well versed in Graphic designing. It comes with lots of features like User Friendly interface, Nice Editor, Large number of Themes which can be further customized with ease. However, I will not recommend this tool to one whose marketing strategy demands regular use of Infographic.
Ravi Kumar

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