Top 10 Bloggers of India in 2014 and their Per Month Income

Blogging is not a common profession in India. This is the country where people have faith in regular job(either Private or Govt) rather than something like blogging. That’s probably the reason why, very few people are there who have opted “Blogging” as their career after leaving their Regular Job. The decision of choosing “Blogging” as a career option is always difficult because you never know what’s going to happen with your blog in future. Normally, the earning of any blogger is decided by its traffic which are again decided by many factors like Quality of articles, Seo, Search engine algorithms etc. It means, a blog with large number of visitors will earn more.

It’s quite easy to say, “He/She is a pro blogger who is making $50000 per month from his/her blog” but the same is extremely difficult to achieve. Due to this reason, there are only few people in India who are making money in big figures through their blogs. I salute these bloggers because they are a source of inspiration for many young bloggers. A part from helping others with their awesome blog posts, they are also motivating others to choose “Blogging” as their career. Last year, I shared the List of Top 10 Indian Bloggers with their Monthly Adsense Income which was liked by many people.

Today, I am updating this list and thus publishing the list of “Top 10 Bloggers of India in 2014 and their Per Month Income“. The updated list is slightly different from the one which was published last year due to the inclusion of some new people in this list. The lists is in the form of Infographic which has been created by Hari Charan of Le Geeks so special thanks to him.

Top 10 Bloggers of India in 2014 and their Per Month Income

Top 10 Professional Bloggers in India 2014 Infographic

Courtesy: Le Geeks

From the Editor’s Desk
This infographic is special because it provides the updated list of Top 10 Bloggers of India in 2014 and their Per Month Income. Additionally it also contains Blog PR, Alexa Rank, Twitter, their Niche.
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