Tricks to Enhance an iPhone Application Development Process

“iPhone” has always been the smartphone of choice for millions of users across the globe. Over the years, this Apple product is packed with great quality, attractive build and an intuitive user-interface. One of the biggest strengths of the iPhone is the Apple App Store which is the single market place to submit and publish millions of iPhone apps but your App must pass Apple’s strict policy about quality. iPhone application developers carry out a meticulous job of designing and developing application which provides users with a wide range of life enhancing services.

Building iOS Apps

iPhone application development is an intricate process comprising several separate steps which involve considerable hard work, dedication, time consumption, and requires a specific set of tech skills. Although most iPhone app development companies have developed work ethics and a set pattern of doing things, there are a number of tricks which can be used and implemented to further enhance the process of iPhone application development.

How to save time while developing iOS Apps?

Time is an essential factor for iPhone app developers. To conform to the stringent quality standards of app distribution on app store, developers need to invest adequate time on each step of the application development process. Compromising with this might lead to applications of inferior quality which might not be allowed for distribution in the iTunes Store. However, there are certain tricks that can be used in iPhone app development which significantly reduce the time consumed in different processes, and can provide more efficiency and effectiveness in the overall development process.

Building an iOS App (1)One great way to save time is to build macros. Macros are recordings of a chain of     events or actions performed in sequence which can be played back or executed later as a whole. There are many different iPhone app development platforms which support the use of macros using the scope block (“{}”) and #define function with the preprocessor.

On using this feature, elaborate and frequently occurring series of operations can be recorded and re-used easily. They can then be executed in the exact same order when the macro is run, thereby eliminating the need to individually execute the operations manually. There are a number of areas in the development process where these kinds of sequential steps are usually the same. In such cases, a lot of time can be saved by the judicious use of macros.


(2)Another good way to ensure effective time management is to use custom layouts and create keyword shortcuts for functions used frequently. Different iPhone app developers have different comfort levels while using development software. For example, a developer may save a predefined work area of 640 X 960 pixels at 326ppi. Since this is going to be used in all modules frequently, it is best to save this setting as a custom preset.

Creating custom layouts can help individual developers to call up the workspace layout that they have personally found most comfortable to work with. Keyboard shortcuts also help save time, as developers can access frequently used functions and operations with a predetermined combination of keystrokes on the keyboard rather than reaching for the mouse.

How to make better apps?

How to make Better iOS AppEvery iPhone app development company worth its salt has a large talent pool of talented and experienced developers. The goal is to always strive for excellence and quality by developing better apps. Some of the smaller tricks that help realize maximum potential out of the app include the below pointers:

  1. One nifty tip to enhance the quality of iPhone applications is to develop the app keeping in mind the firmware configuration, resources capabilities and internal memory. This helps to provide great user experience without loading delays, sluggish performance and UI lag time.
  2. iPhone app developers can also enhance their applications by other ways like geographically targeted data optimization which ensures that users from countries with high-speed mobile data unavailable can still use an iPhone application to an optimum level.

These small tricks go a long way in improving and enhancing the quality of iPhone app development and bringing about positive changes in the overall development process.

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