How to Get unlimited Free YouTube Views For Your Videos?

Since you are reading this blog post, I assume you already have a YouTube channel where you have started uploading videos as well. However, No matter how much effort you are putting in, You are not getting views. Right?

Let me tell you that sharing your videos on forums or various sites doesn’t work too well until and unless your video has viral content(By Viral, I mean trending topics).

So, What?

Isn’t there any place for new YouTubers on YouTube?

How people grow their YouTube channel from 0 subscribers to Millions?

Most Importantly, How they get views initially i.e when they start their channel?

My Friend, Let me tell you a Little Secret! Actually, They use Free YouTube Views Service. Although these views don’t help them in making money through Adsense Ads, They surely help them in ranking their videos. Let’s Understand this through this example- Suppose you started a YouTube channel, created a video and uploaded it on Your Channel. Since your channel is too new, No one will watch your video. So, You won’t get organic views. It’s pretty natural and happens with almost every YouTuber. If you are smart enough, you won’t wait another 4-5 months for getting few organic views. What you will do is, You will try to get tons of Free YouTube Views. Once your video gets a large number of views, YouTube starts ranking your video. As a result, You will start getting organic views and will gain real subscribers.

In an attempt to weed out rogue channels that violate its guidelines, YouTube recently introduced a new rule requiring creators to reach a minimum of 10,000 lifetime views before they can monetize their videos.

So, If you want to monetize your channel, You have two options. You can either wait 6-8 months or can easily bypass this limit by using Free YouTube Views Service. 

Now, You are curious to know the answers of below-given questions. Right?

  1. What the hell this Free YouTube Views Service is?
  2. Will it affect my Channel? (Will it be a reason of ban?)
  3. Will I be getting Machine Generated or Bot views?
  4. Will I have to Pay for getting Views?

My Friend, Let me clear all your doubts.

What is Free YouTube Views Service?

As its name suggests, It’s a kind of service provided by various sites using which you can get unlimited free YouTube views for your YouTube channel. They don’t charge anything but work on the view-exchange model. It means you will have to watch the videos of others. In return, They will watch yours. In the end, Both of you will get views.

Will it affect my Channel?

As I already said, These kinds of views are not the machine generated or bot views. Since your videos are watched by real people, It doesn’t violate any YouTube Guidelines. Hence, Your channel will not be affected by these kinds of views. It means You won’t lose your channel by using such views.

Why Some Sites Offer Free Views? How they get Benefitted?

They not only offer free views but also paid views. Paid Views are for those who don’t have enough time to watch the videos of others. It means When you are watching the videos of others, You are also adding paid views for the site. This way, They make money. Their service is not just limited to Providing YouTube views. They also offer YouTube Likes, YouTube Subscribers, YouTube comments etc.

How to get free Unlimited Free YouTube Views?

I am listing some great sites using which you can easily get Unlimited YouTube Views and that too without spending a dime. So, Simply follow below given instructions and enjoy.

#1. socialtrader.co

This is one of the best sites for getting unlimited Free Views on your YouTube Videos. Just click on this link – socialtrader.co  and create a Free Account on it. Once done, Log into it. You will see various option to Earn Coins. You can either choose to watch the videos of others , Like their videos or Complete some offer in order to Earn coins. The number of Coins you earn will be equal to the number of views you will get on your videos. So, First of all, focus on earning as much coins as you can.

Once you have earned enough coins, Click on “My Account” and choose “Manage Videos- Views” Option as shown in the below-attached image.

Now, You need to click on “Add- Video Views” option. See the below-attached screenshot.

Once you click on “Add Video:Views” button, a new Page will Open. In this page, You will have to enter your YouTube Video Url(it’s the URL of the video on which you want views) along with the number of views you want. As I already told earlier, Earned Coins=No. of views you will get. So, If you have earned say, 2000 coins. Enter 2000 in “Coins to Assign ” Field. In my case, I have 64 coins left, So I will add 64 in this column.

Once done, Click on “Submit” button and wait for few hours. You will see an increase in views on your YouTube Video. Enjoy!

This website doesn’t have any limitation which means you can use it almost daily and get an unlimited number of views on your videos.

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#2. Vagex.com

If you are looking for Free YouTube Views, Vagex  is the second site I recommend. It also works on the same model i.e Earn Free Credits and uses it to get Views on Your Videos. The best thing about Vagex is, It can automate the credit earning process for you and you can use it even on your Smartphone. On Computer, It only works with Firefox. On mobile, You can install its application and after signing into your account, You can automate the process of earning credit and Later on, Convert these credits into views.

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QQTUBE is a site which offers paid services like YouTube Views, YouTube Likes, YouTube Subscribers etc. It means If you are looking to buy these services, This is the site you are looking for. Hey wait, This post is about getting free YouTube views. Right? So, Let’s come back to the point.

Actually, this site is currently offering 1,000 free YouTube views. Yes, You heard it Right. 1000 views on your YouTube videos and that too without asking for a penny. When I tried this, They added around 1300 views. So, it’s pretty useful for new YouTubers and yes, It’s completely Safe.

In order to use this, You need to open QQTUBE  and click on “Try 1000 Views Free” button. Then, Simply follow the on-screen instructions and enjoy.


#4. YouLikeHits

This site is also pretty similar to the first one in this list. It means you will have to Earn Points by performing various activities like watching YouTube videos of others, Commenting on their videos, Liking their videos, Sharing their videos on social media etc. Once you managed to earn a lot of Points, Add your videos and get views on them completely for free.

#5. Enhanceviews.com

This site is similar to Vagex. It asks you to install an add-on in your web Browser and use your dummy YouTube ID. Actually, With that ID, they automatically like other’s videos thus giving you free credits. This automation feature can save a lot of your time and effort which I think is the best part of this site. Once you have earned enough free credit, Use them for getting views and Likes on your YouTube Video.

Important: Always De-monetize your video while using these Services

Since real people like you watch your videos on these sites, They never pose any risk to your YouTube Channel. I have personally tried these services and also know more than 100 YouTubers who have used the services of the above-mentioned site without facing any issue from YouTube. However, I still advise you to De-monetize your Video while using these kinds of services.

As I already Informed you earlier, These kinds of views don’t increase your earning. They only help you in ranking your video. So, Don’t take any risk by monetizing those videos on which you are trying to get views using the above-mentioned sites.

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Demerits of these kinds of Free Views

There are three major demerits of these kinds of views:

  1. Poor Average Retention Time – Their average retention time of the video is pretty low. You will normally get an average retention time of 45-50 seconds which might be considered good for someone who makes short videos(i.e of duration 1-2 minutes). However, For creators who make videos of more than 10 minutes, an average retention time of 45-50 seconds is too low and can be harmful in the long run.
  2. You don’t Make Money with these views – As I already said, These kinds of views can only help you in ranking your videos or crossing the mark of 10,000 views quickly for getting the approval of Adsense. However, You can’t think of making money just by placing your Ads and getting views through the above-mentioned sites. Using Adsense Ads with these sites also pose a risk on your Adsense Account.
  3. Time-Consuming – The above-mentioned sites work on the view-exchange model which means you will have to spend a lot of time on viewing other’s video in order to get views for your own video. Sometimes, It can be too boring and Time-consuming.

When to use Free YouTube Views?

  1. If you are a new YouTuber and not getting enough views on your videos.
  2. If You want to get 10,000 views quickly in order to get the approval of Adsense on YouTube.
  3. If you create short videos i.e of duration not more than 2 minutes.

What about buying YouTube views from Fiverr or SeoClerk?

Do not prefer buying Cheap YouTube views. They use Bots which are always harmful and can be the cause of Channel Ban. However, If anyone is giving High Retention Views, You can go for it. Normally, High Retention views don’t harm your channel. Hope it clears your doubt.

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Share Your Views

I have listed best sites which are perfectly working. So, Give them a try and share your views about them. If you know any other similar site, Do let me know.

Ravi Kumar

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