How to use Aweber with Genesis eNews Extended Plugin?

So many WordPress users including me are using Genesis Framework these days. For adding stylish Email subscription form to any Genesis Website, you can either user HTML+CSS codes or Genesis eNews Extended Plugin. If you are not a coder, I will advise you to use the plugin because it allows you to easily add Mailing list integration to any Genesis website with the help of Widgets.

Normally, it’s extremely easy to integrate Feedburner with Genesis eNews Extended Plugin because you just need to add your Feedburner Id. However, you may find it difficult to Integrate Aweber with Genesis eNews Extended Plugin. For users who are not well versed in HTML, I am providing this tutorial so that they can easily use Aweber with Genesis eNews Extended Plugin.

How to use Aweber with Genesis eNews Extended Plugin[Step by Step Guide]
For the Integration of Aweber and Genesis eNews Extended Plugin, you just need to follow two steps. In first step, I will show you how to create a Signup form at Aweber and get the necessary codes. In second step, i will show you how to use the codes with Genesis eNews Extended Plugin.
Step 1: Creating a Sign Up Form in Aweber and Getting Necessary HTML Codes
  • First of all, Log into your Aweber Account. In Dashboard, click on “Sign up Forms” tab.
  • In order to create a New form, click on “Create a Sign up Form” button. See below given screenshot:

Aweber with Genesis eNews Extended Plugin


  • Now choose a style of your choice and setup field in your Form. For this tutorial, I am using a simple form with two fields i.e Name and Email Address. Once done, Save your form and click on “Go to Step 2″. 

Aweber integration with Genesis eNews Extended Plugin


  • In this step, Give a suitable name to your Signup Form and Move to next step by clicking on “Go to Step 3″. If you haven’t saved your form, do it now and then proceed to next step.

Aweber Sign Up form setup


  • Now you have created your signup form. Next step is to get the HTML code. For this, you need to click on first option “I will Install my Form” .See below given screenshot:

Installing Aweber Form


  • By default, it will show you a Javascript code. We don’t need it so click on “Raw HTML Version” option. See below given screenshot:

Raw HTML version in Aweber


  • Now, you will see HTML codes. There is no need to copy the whole code because you will need only two fields during integration with Genesis eNews Extended Plugin. They are Form Action and Hidden Fields.
  • For Form Action Field, copy the url which appears in Action field. This url remains same for all kinds of Aweber form. It means everyone can use this code in their form during integration with Genesis eNews Extended Plugin.

Form Action Aweber


  • During integration with Genesis eNews Extended Plugin, you will also need Hidden Fields. Copy all lines which has “<input type=”hidden”>” tag. Don’t get confused, see below given screenshot.

Hidden fields in Aweber


  • Just copy the codes which you selected in last 2 steps. You will need it.
Step 2: Integrating Aweber with Genesis eNews Extended Plugin
  • If you haven’t installed Genesis eNews Extended Plugin yet, Go to Plugin>>Add New option. See below given screenshot:

Add new Plugin in WordPress

  • Type “Genesis eNews Extended” in the search box and click on “Search Plugins” button. The screenshot is shown below:

Genesis eNews Extended


  • You will see the Search result. Genesis eNews Extended Plugin will appear at the top. Just click on “Install Now” link.

Install Genesis eNews Extended Plugin


  • After Installing this Plugin, You need to “Activate” it.
  • Once done, Click on Appearance>> Widgets. See below given screenshot:

Widget option in WordPress

  • In Widget section, Drag and drop “Genesis eNews Extended” widget to either sidebar or any location of your choice. Now fill the first 3 parts. It’s not tough I guess. In Title field, Give a suitable title to your signup form.  In next field, Add some text which will appear above the form. In third field, add some text which will go to the end of form. Lets see, What i am using.

Signup form wordPress


  • In Form Action Field, use below given code:
  •  For clarification, see below given Screenshot:

Form action field eNews Extended

  • Before filling the next three field, Have a look at your form. In this tutorial, I am using a form which has two fields i.e Name and Email ID. If your form is also same, enter “email”  and “name” in E-mail Field and First Name Field. Leave the Last Name Field blank. See below given screenshot for clarification.

Name and Email field in Genesis eNews Extended Plugin

  • In hidden field, Paste the code which you have copied in last step of Step 1 i.e all code which has tag <input type=”hidden”>. If you are still confused, see below given figure.

Hidden fields in Aweber


  • At the end, Don’t forget to check the option which says “Open Confirmation Page in Same Window”. See below given screenshot:

Genesis eNews Extended and Aweber

  • Now you successfully completed the integration process. Just save your form and enjoy.
Still Have Problems? — Contact Me
In this Tutorial, i tried my level best to explain each and every step with the help of screenshot. I am sure that you would be able to use it without any issue. However If you still have any kind of issue, feel free to ask me either via comments or via Contact Us page.
Ravi Kumar

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