Use Facebook without Logging in to your Facebook Account

Using Facebook without Logging in to Facebook Account

Using Facebook without Logging in to Facebook Account

Most of  Us use Facebook Account in present world as it is among the best social networking website.People often use facebook in Leisure period where they meet with friends and share happiness and sorrow.For using facebook, Generally you open your browser and type . After that you log in to your account and then starts communicating with your friends.The process is little lengthy.What if anyone can minimize this step? It looks little difficult but “MyStatusBar” extension makes it simple for you.It is a Browser extension which is available for Chrome and Firefox.


What is MyStatusBar

MyStatusBar is a browser extension which is now available for two most popular Web Browser of the world i.e – Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.It enables you to keep up with all the events taking place on your Facebook account while you using your Browser.In other word, it will show you notification about your friends without forcing you to logging into your Facebook account.


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How to Install MyStatusBar

Installing MyStatusBar browser extension is very simple and easy.You just need to follow the below given procedure to Install and use it:

  1. First of all Open your Browser(Either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)
  2. Now visit the MyStatusBar Download Page for Chrome on Chrome Web Store.
  3. Click on Add to Chrome Button.You will find this button on the top-right corner.
  4. Your download will start and will take few seconds only.After successfull Installation, it will restart itself.It may restart your brower as well.
  5. After successfull installation, you will be redirected to a page.
  6. Now click on Login to Facebook Button.You can see the preview for the same below:


7.Now A window will open which will ask you to confirm for entering or logging into Facebook g further, you will see

many permission from MyStatusBar.Just see all the information carefully before allowing them.Click on “Allow” and you are done.


 How it will Work in My Browser

You will notice a notification bar at the bottom of your browser.This is nothing but a full tool which will show you All messages,friend request,List of Online Friends,Comments and every other information and features that you see in your facebook profile after logging in to your Facebook Account.So now you would be able to know about your notifications while surfing or doing any other work on internet.

If you are subscribed to any feed then it will also show your latest feed.For having a look on all feeds, you will need to scroll down.

It also comes with a search bar which allows you to search facebook element, very similar to the search box which you see on your facebook profile.

It also provides you the facility to minimize so you can just click on “X” button when you think that it is irritating you.So overall it is a nice extension for all users but specially for those who often do works and still want to chat with their facebook friends.Use it and Give your feedback by commenting below.

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