How to use INinbox with Genesis eNews Extended Plugin?

Due to Awesome Features, genesis Framework is quite popular among WordPress users these days . I am also using Genesis Framework on this blog. For Genesis Users, there is a plugin named “Genesis eNews Extended” for adding Email NewsLetter widget. It is just awesome because it allows you to integrate your form with all major Email Marketing Platforms like Aweber, Mailchimp etc.

Few days ago, I published the Review of Ininbox which is undoubtedly the cheapest Email Marketing Platform. It allows you to add 2000 subscribers and send 20,000 emails for free(without using your credit card). Click Here to test this Platform for Free.

Due to its cheap cost, so many bloggers including me are using this platform. If you are a Genesis user and using Genesis eNews Extended Plugin, you may find it difficult to integrate your subscription form with Ininbox. In this post, I will show you the integration procedure of INinbox and Genesis eNews Extended Plugin.

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How to Use INinbox with Genesis eNews Extended Plugin[ Step by Step Tutorial ]
For the Integration of INinbox and Genesis eNews Extended Plugin, you just need to follow two steps. In first step, I will show you how to create a Signup form at INinbox and get the necessary HTML codes. In second step, i will show you how to use those codes with Genesis eNews Extended Plugin.
Step 1:Creating a Sign Up Form and Getting HTML Codes
  • Login at INinbox using your user id and password.
  • In Dashboard, click on “My List” option and Create a List by clicking on “Create a New List” button.


  • Once done, click on “Manage Webforms” option to create a Signup Form.


  • Click on “Create a New Webform” button to create a new sign up form.


  • Give a Suitable Name to your sign up form and use the drop down box for selecting a particular list for your Sign up form.


  • In next step, you will have to design your form according to your needs. The form which appears by default contains some extra fields like Last Name, seal of trust etc. Normally, we need two field in our Email Subscription form. They are :(1) Name and (2) Email Address. So delete other fields.


  • In next step, you can customize your Thank You Page, Error Page, Already subscribed in the list page. If you don’t want to use your own web pages for these options, just use the default settings.


  • In 4th or final step, you will get the necessary HTML codes along with default css codes. You need codes which are inside <form> tag.


  • For the integration of INinbox and Genesis eNews Extended Plugin, you will need the data of  4  fields : (1) Form Action (2) E-mail Field (3) First Name Field and (4) Hidden Fields.  Use below given data for first three fields:

  (a) Form Action –  http://www.ininbox.com/webform_contact_add.html

(b) E-mail Field – sys_vEmail

(c) First Name Field – sys_vFName

  • For Hidden Fields data, Copy all codes which has type=hidden attribute.  You will need these data.

Step 2:Integrating INinbox with Genesis eNews Extended Plugin
  • If you haven’t installed Genesis eNews Extended Plugin yet, Go to Plugin>>Add New option. See below given screenshot:

Installation of Genesis eNews Extended Plugin
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  • Type “Genesis eNews Extended” in the search box and click on “Search Plugins” button. See below given screenshot:

Genesis eNews Extended Plugin for WordPress
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  • In search result, you will see “Genesis eNews Extended” at the top. Just click on “Install Now” link.

Install Genesis eNews Extended Plugin
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  • After the installation of Plugin, You will have to Activate it.
  • Once done, Click on Appearance>> Widgets. See below given screenshot:

Widgets option in WordPress
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  • In Widget section, Drag and drop “Genesis eNews Extended” widget to either sidebar or any location of your choice. Now fill the first 3 parts. It’s not tough I guess. In Title field, Give a suitable title to your signup form.  In next field, Add some text which will appear above the form. In third field, add some text which will go to the end of form. Lets see, What i am using.

Widgets in WordPress
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  • For next 3 fields, use the data which you have collected in Step 1 .

(a) Form Action –  http://www.ininbox.com/webform_contact_add.html

(b) E-mail Field – sys_vEmail

(c) First Name Field – sys_vFName

(d) Hidden Field – Code copied by you which has type=hidden attribute.

  • Lets see the screenshot.

  • At the end, don’t forget to check the check box which has label “Open confirmation page in same window”. 
  • Now, you have successfully integrated your INinbox Email Subscription form with Genesis eNews Extended Plugin. Enjoy

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Still Have Problems? Contact Me
I have written this tutorial for absolute beginner so every step contains a screenshot which make things easier.If you are using INinbox Email Platform with Genesis, use this tutorial for the integration of INinbox with Genesis eNews Extended Plugin. If you still have any issue, feel free to ask me either through comments or via Contact Us Page.
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