ViralPro Theme Review: The Best WordPress Theme for Viral Blogs

If you are an active blogger, you must have heard the story of “ViralNova” which was sold for 100 Million Dollars few months back. It was actually a Viral or Content-Sharing blog built on WordPress platform. It seems that the price at which it was sold has affected the entire Blogosphere and Many Bloggers started their own “Viral Blog” since then. However, the most surprising thing is, they all seem to be doing very well.

But how?

Well, there is a pattern or formula, which seems to be working great. What I have observed after visiting various popuarl viral blogs is, their blog post contains catchy title and images. You can also create stunning animated videos for attracting people. When these posts are shared on Social Networks, they attract a large number of viewers.

The formula seems easy. Right?

Sites like Buzzfeed, ViralNova, UpWorthy, Distractify and many more have earned millions by employing this formula. Because of the ease and the ability to attract huge traffic, it appears to be a great find for Creative Bloggers. There are few Secrets of getting success in viral blogging but I will discuss it later.

For starting a profitable Viral Blog, you need a good WordPress Theme as well. I recommend Viral Pro Theme for this purpose. It’s the best Viral Blog WordPress Theme i have come across. In this post, I will provide you complete information about this theme and the reasons why you should use it for on your Viral Blog.

Viral Pro WordPress Theme – an Introduction


ViralPro WordPress Theme

Released on November 24, 2015 by Lipode.com, ViralPro is the latest and most powerful WordPress Theme for Viral Blogs. ViralPro theme comes with all features and tools that are required for running a viral blog. The theme looks attractive and has good loading speed so whatever you will publish will stick to your visitors eye.

Key Features of ViralPro WordPress Theme

1. Ajax Infinite Page Scrolling

Infinite Page Scroll

ViralPro theme has Ajax Infinite Page Scrolling feature which loads contents from the previous page when someone scroll down your page. It really a great feature specially for Viral Blogs as it saves time and also encourage your visitors to read more.

2. Responsive Design

Responsive Design of WordPress Theme

In this Era, People use Smartphones and tablets more than desktops or laptops. So, If your website/blog is not responsive, you will miss a lot of visitors. Fortunately, This theme has Responsive design which means that it will fit virtually any device which uses a full web browser. To check this feature, either open the demo site in your mobile device or try resizing your browser window. You’ll see how it’s optimized for better viewing experience.

3. Lipode Custom Widgets

Custom Widgets by Lipode

This theme comes with so many Custom Widgets which you can use on your viral blog as per your need. Some of the custom widgets are Lipode Newsletter/Subscription widget, Lipode Random Post Widget, Lipode Social Icon widget, Lipode Google+ Badge Box widget, Lipode Facebook Likebox widget and many others

4. Random Post below Header with Thumbnail

Random Post below Titles

This is another feature of ViralPro that i like so much. As you can see in above , It displays Random posts with thumbnail below header which improves user’s engagement. If you managed to add an engaging Picture, People will definitely find it interesting and will love to check that as well.

5. Big Social Share Buttons

Social Sharing Buttons WordPress

Social Sharing is a ranking signal as well. It means if your posts are getting shared by a lot of people, Search Engines will rank them higher. Due to this reason, it’s quite important that you use Social Sharing Buttons on your blog. There are many free plugins for adding social sharing buttons on WordPress but none of them are too good. I have seen people investing big amounts on buying Premium Social Sharing Plugins. Fortunately, this great WordPress Theme already has a nice looking social sharing buttons. It means you won’t have to think about buying any premium Social Sharing plugin.

6. Adsense Optimized


This theme is Adsense Optimized which will help you to Get higher income from Adsense using well positioned built-in responsive ad widgets with high Click-through rate (CTR). Just paste in your ad code and earn more.

7. Image Hover Share Effect

Image Hover Share Effect

It’s also a great feature which is used by most of the bloggers these days. You must have noticed this yourself as well. It is due to this feature that when you hover any image, various share buttons appear on that image and allow you to share that image as well. Let me tell you that, in most of the cases, this functionality is achieved by using external plugins. However, this functionality is already integrated with ViralPro theme.

8. Related/Random Posts with thumbnails below Posts

ViralPro Theme

Related or Random posts below Blog Posts are really necessary to engage your visitors. It thus improves your Bounce Rate as well. ViralPro is designed to automatically display Random Posts with Thumbnails Below Content. So, you don’t need to do any manual work for adding this feature to your viral blog.

9. Unlimited Color Combination

Unlimited Color Combination

Colours are quite important because they make our life beautiful. However, Not everyone like the same colour. Using ViralPro theme, you can use any color combination on your viral blog. The visual editor makes this task even much easier.

10. Other Important Features

  1. Blazing Fast Loading Time 
  2. High Traffic Optimized
  3. Embed Responsive videos just by copy-pasting the video url
  4. Optimized Images
  5. Smart Navigation Menu
  6. 630+ Google Fonts
  7. Font Awesome
  8. Back to Top Button
  9. Featured Post
  10. Retina Ready
  11. Excellent SEO
  12. Clean Code and many more>>

What’s the Cost?

It’s available for $59. Keeping the various features in mind that comes with it, the price is not that much. According to me, it’s the best WordPress Theme for Viral Blogs . There are so many other Viral Blog themes in the market but none of them is impressive. If you don’t believe me, try the Demo first and then decide yourself. If you think that it can be a good choice for your Viral Blog, you can purchase it by clicking on below attached Buy button.[standout-css3-button href=”http://www.lipode.com/demo/?theme=viralpro”]Live Demo[/standout-css3-button][standout-css3-button href=”http://www.geteverything.org/ViralPro”]$59.00- Buy[/standout-css3-button]


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