What is the Meaning of Original Content for Bloggers?

If you are a new blogger, Everyone will advise you to write original content on your blog. New bloggers often get failures because they don’t know, How to write original content on their blogs. For many bloggers, The meaning of original content is still a mystry because Internet already covers almost all topics with appropriate information. Then, Is there still any way to produce original content? To test this, Just close your eyes and think anything. Once done, Try to search the same on internet. I am pretty sure that, You will find at least a little information about it. It happens because not even a single subject or topic has been spared. Due to this reason, It is extremely difficult to produce an original content everytime on your blog with appropriate consistency. This is the factor which decides success or failure of a blogger.

Out of 100 Users, Who contacted me after leaving blogging, 85 users told me that, They left blogging because they failed to find original content for their blogs. Today, I will try to answer this important question.

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What is the meaning of Original Content for Blogger?
Internet is full of Blogs but most of them are copying either the articles or the creative ideas of Other blogs.  In technical term, We call it “Plagiarism“. Any kind of content can’t be called “Original”, Until and unless it follows the below given conditions:
  1. It should come out of your own ideas.
  2. You should use your own creativity.
  3. It shouldn’t be copied from any other sources.
  4. It should be written in your own words.

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Is there any scope for new bloggers to write an article with complete originality?
This is the most common question, Which is asked by bloggers to me. Last week, I recieved an EMail from Darren Roz, Where he asked:
Hi Ravi. I am a new blogger and currently running a 3 moths old blog. I want to clear a doubt which is related to content creation.  I am struggling to write original content on my blog. For example- I want to write an article on Traffic Generation and SEO. When I searched on Google, I found lot of blogs, Where same information are available. It is not only the case with this topic. Almost all topics are already captured by old bloggers. Is there still any scope for me to write an original content? If yes, How?
This kind of questions are quite common among bloggers.  However, The answer is “Yes. You can still write original content on your blog”.
Every blogger starts blogging after getting inspiration from a successfull blogger. Due to this, Their writing style and ideas can initially reflect a glimpse of their hero. Even some pro-bloggers are also using the ideas, Which has already been used by other bloggers but still their posts reflects originality because they publish quality information using their own creative knowledge and ideas. They add updated information as well which gives freshness to their article.

You can’t measure originality of an article only on the basis of ideas. If you are considering ideas of different post as palgiarism, Believe me almost 99.9% blogs would be liable to be penalized. According to holy books like Geeta, Kuran, Bible, “Every individiual thinks and works differently due to difference in their thinking and creativity”. So there is always a possibility that, They will produce new content even if, You have given same “resources” to all of them.

You can see this in the feild of blogging as well. Just go to Google and search for “How to earn Money Online”. You will see many blogs in SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages). Almost all of them contains same information but they present the same information in different manner. That’s called creativity. No one likes to read same information again and again so use your own creativity and ideas. It will give freshness to your articles and believe me, Users will like your articles as well.

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How Original content has created fearful environment among bloggers?
The term “Original Content” has created a fearful environment for all kind of Bloggers. The one, Who are creating Original contents after putting lot of efforts are fearing of content thieves, Who copies their content. New bloggers are fearing of original content because they are not able to create original contents.
Why Original content is so important?
If you are reading this post, I am pretty sure that you know at least a little about Google, SEO and its Algorithms. As you all know, Google is the best search engine in this world. No one likes to see the same contents on all sites. Google understand this fact as well.To maintain its reputation among users, Google tries their best to show best relevant results in SERPs. Google use different algorithms before showing results in its Search Pages. These algorithm acts as filters. They scan your contents for originality. If your blog contains copied content, You will definitely be penalized either sooner or later.
How to write Original Content on your Blog?
This is the question, Which can be asked by 90 out of 100 New Bloggers. I will answer this question in this post. Before I answer this question, I want to tell you something. While visiting few blogs, I came across various articles where, some bloggers has provided wrong tips about “Writing original contents”.  They say- “Copy the title of your blog post first and then search it in Google. If your query matches with any search results, Don’t write an article on it because it will come in the category of duplicate articles”. They are correct to some extent but not completely because  match of title doesn’t mean that, Contents will also match. If you can provide much better information on any previously written topic, Users will still like your article.
If you have already read my Previous article where I have dealt, How you write fresh contents all the time in your blog , You must be knowing best methods. However, If you still don’t know anything, You can write original content by following below given tips:
  1. Write in Your Words -As I said earlier, Writing in your own words adds uniqueness to your articles. So always try to write in your own words even if, You are writing on a topic which has already been covered by other bloggers.
  2. Use your own Creative Mind – Learn from successful bloggers but never copy their Ideas or Creativity. Audience never love duplicates. For example- Let’s consider that you have got a chance to meet with two person, The one is original “Harsh Agrawal” and the other one is “Duplicate of Harsh Agrawal”. What will be your choice. I am damn sure that, You will choose to meet “original Harsh Agrawal“.  Users will only love you, If you are original.
  3. Don’t Write same contents – Try to provide different information in your articles. To understand this, Consider yourself as a normal visitor who is trying to search for any term such as “SEO Tacticts” on Google. You came across 3 websites which has same content. Would you like to visit the 4th one, Which also contains the same? I think, Your answer will be “No” .
  4. Be Updated all the Time -If you are a blogger, You are quite fortunate because different resources and tactics related to it keeps changing itself. You just need to have a look on them and write the same.
  5. Don’t write anything without doing any Research– If you want to be a Pro-Blogger, You will have to build a trust among your users. To accomplish this, Only write an article after doing lots of research.
  6. Use Proofs in support of your claim -Using evidences or proofs in your articles helps a lot. If you are using them, Users will believe that, All kind of information which has been provided by you is right.
  7. Don’t forget to give Credit:  In some cases, You may want to use the statements or resources like Infographic of other blogs on your own blog. In this case, Don’t forget to give full credit to the original owner.

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Just believe that you are the one, Who is “Original” so pick a topic and start thinking about it freely. I am pretty sure that, You will get lots of new ideas. Just implement them. Always remember below given two quotes:
Be yourself because everyone else is already taken
Never change your originality for the sake of others. Because no one can play your role better than you. So be yourself. You are the best
If you have passion for blogging, You will definitely get success. However, If you have started blogging only because people are earning lots of money from it, You will fail. You must have something interesting to share with this world.
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