Why commenting on other Blogs is Necessary for every Blogger?

So many bloggers believes that commenting on other blogs is just a waste of time.They believe that only content is necessary and they only focus on writing quality articles on their blog.Do you have similar thinking??If yes then you are just missing the benefits of commenting on other blogs.Quality contents are undoubtedly important but commenting on other blogs increase your readers.I realized this fact because i found lots of other quality blogs through the comments of their Administrators.That’s why i am writing this post.In this post,i will explain,why commenting on other Blogs is Necessary for a Blogger?

Why commenting on other Blogs is Necessary for every Blogger?

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Why commenting on other Blogs is Necessary for a Blogger?
The top reasons why you must comment on other blogs are as follows:

1-Building Relationship with Other Bloggers of your Niche

If you are commenting on other blogs of your Niche then you will definitely get the attension of blog author.They will notice you and is infact a best strategy to build the relationship with other blogger.Thuus you would be able to get few tips from Pro Bloggers which will really help you a lot.Achieving greate task with the help of team is lot more easier than trying to achieve the same by a single person.

2-You are Inviting Others to visit your Blog

Normally,Top blogs always get a huge quality traffic as well.Try to post valuable comments there.It should be related to the Post and can attract the other to follow your link.It is infact a Powerful free way of advertising your Blog.It will not only strengthen your relationship with the host blogger but will bring you some quality traffic as well.

3-Indirectly inviting other bloggers for writing Guest Post

Lets assume that you have commented on any good blog with your link.There is always a chance that other bloggers will visit your blog through that link.If you are really good in blogging and your blog contains quality content then they would love to write Guest Post on your blog as well.It means that commenting on other blogs is also an easiest way to invite other bloggers of your niche for Guest Posting on your blog.

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4-Invitation to sponsored posts

Just assume that you have left a valuable comment on any popular blog with the link of your blog.A renowned company came across your comment and visited your blog.After checking your contents,they felt that it is best place for them to advertise their product.They will definitely contact you for the Advertisements or Sponsored Review of their product.In both of the cases,you will generate extra income.

5-Increase Traffic

Commenting on Other Blogs definitely bring traffic to your blog.It is quite ovious because every Popular blog get a huge number of daily visitors.If you are commenting on such blogs then you are suggesting them to visit your blog.However the kind of comment you write is most important.If you writing common comments like “Nice article xyz.I was looking for the same from so many days” or something like “I really loved this article.Keep posting“. You comments should reflect your quality.That’s probably the only way to attract visitors and other bloggers to your blog.

6-Increases Pagerank,Backlinks and Alexa

Backlinks,PageRank and Alexa Rank always plays an important rank in Search Engine Result Pages(SERP).Search engine always gives priority to Pages having high PageRank and obviously the backlinks.Sponsors and Direct Advertisers also use the same for analyzing the Popularity of your blog.It is understandable as well because,why anyone will advertise their product on a blog which doesn’t have traffic and existence in SERPs.

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7-To keep yourself updated

Last but not the least.When you visit a good blog for commenting,you can find new things on many occassions.This is also a major benefit because every blogger on internet should keep himself updated.It is the demand of time.If you will keep writing old kind of articles then slowly and slowly,visitors will leave your blog.It helps me lot as well.On so many occassion,i came to know about new update from Google or any other site.
Actually,it is quite difficult for a new blogger to get the latest updates related to Google Products(Like Adsense,Analytics) in beginning.However same is not the case with probloggers.Google Adsense in particular provide more facility to its Premium Members and keep informing them about their new products and modification.

From the Editor’s Desk
Now you know Why commenting on other Blogs is Necessary for a Blogger.What are your future plans?Would you like to comment on other blogs now?If you think that you write original and quality articles on your blog.It only has benefits so you must comment on other blogs.
Let me know,if you still have any question?
Ravi Kumar

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